The Best DCOMs: As Told By a 90’s Baby

I was a Disney Channel kid, as opposed to Nickelodeon, so I grew up spending hours and hours watching Disney Channel Original Movies (better known as DCOMs). A lot of people are pretty opinionated on these movies, so I thought I would share the ones I consider to be the best. Obviously the series like The Cheetah Girls, High School Musical, and Zenon are some of the most popular and I love them, but some of my favorites are the more underrated DCOMs.

Cadet Kelly
Kelly Collins, played by Hilary Duff, was definitely not cut out for military school, but she became pretty bad-ass by the end of the movie. It’s inspiring to young girls who may want to do something in a male-dominated field.



Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off
Looking back on it now, I realize how inspiring this movie is. Eddie’s father wanted him to get a baseball scholarship, but he wanted to pursue is passion for cooking, and he did, even though everyone made fun of him and wasn’t supportive.



The Even Stevens Movie
This movie was just so funny, like the TV show, and I would watch this one over and over again.



Buffalo Dreams
This one is so underrated that most of my friends don’t even remember it, but it’s such a good portrayal of friendship. I also love this movie because its about preserving the buffalo and Navajo traditions, which isn’t something most people know about.



Stuck in the Suburbs
This is probably my favorite DCOM of all time, or tied with The Cheetah Girls. Jordan Cahill, played by Taran Killam, was my crush for years after I first saw this movie. I think the scene that made me fall in love was when he performs his song “More Than Me.”


And there you have it! Don’t mind us, we’ll be spending out #TBT watching these old DCOMs.

Since many people have strong opinions about Disney Channel movies, let us know which DCOM you think is the best!

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