The Bachelor Diaries: Women Tell All


We are finally getting to the juiciest part of every Bachelor season. Women Tell All gives all of Ben’s ex girlfriends the chance to confront each other (as well as Ben himself). As you can imagine it was drama filled. Most of the episode is filler stuff; they need to fill two hours and they sure do have a lot of fluff. Don’t worry, I’ll just recap you on the drama. I also kept a close eye on who could possibly be the next Bachelorette.


First up in the hot seat is Jubilee. Before she even got down to sitting with Chris, the girls, specifically Jami and Amber, brought up that race was an issue this season. Jubs allegedly went around saying that she was the only full black girl and she would be the only full black girl to make it the furthest in Bachelor history. This was offensive to Jami and Amber because they are biracial. Jubs did apologize, but she also used the excuse again that she is a different and a complicated person. We get it you’ve got issues, we all do— join the club. She also said that she over thought everything and that was her biggest downfall.


Next up, the infamous Lace. Oh Lace. She was so embarrassed watching the clips they played and to be honest, I was embarrassed for her. I’m proud of Lace now though. She said she took the opportunity to learn that side of herself and realized that she does not want to be that person ever again. As things were getting sentimental, a crazy (emphasis on the crazy) guy came out out from the audience to show his fake tattoo of Lace’s face. Nice one producers! Something big did happen for Lace that night… Chris invited her to Bachelor in Paradise. I can’t wait for that!


Olivia makes her way down to the hot seat next. This is going to be good. She still, to this day, she doesn’t know what the downfall of her relationship was. She tried to say that she apologized to all the girls, but Amanda was the first to speak up and call her out. They didn’t air the part where Olivia said that any man should run in the opposite direction from a woman with kids. Ouch! Emily and Haley were next to speak their minds. Apparently Olivia said that she doesn’t need to dress with low cut tops and short skirts to get Ben’s attention, which Emily thought was targeted at them. Olivia said she was severely bullied as a kid and felt bullied in the house when the girls made fun of her toes, breath and other things; she is still having trouble with bullying over social media. Olivia cried a lot and apologized to Amanda. Everything seemed to end on a better note for her.


As usual, the second runner up is the last to take the hot seat before Ben comes out to face the women. I feel so bad for Caila having to watch clips of her moments with him— I can’t imagine how hard that was. She is still so heartbroken about how things ended. She said it helped her watching his relationships develope with Lauren and JoJo and seeing that he loved them and not her. It was brave of her to say and I’m sure really hard. I think Caila could really be the next bachelorette. She did a great job of winning America over tonight.


Last but certainly not least, the man of the hour, Mr. Ben Higgins. Chris didn’t hold back when asking Ben about why he told two women that he loved them both. He said in that moment he needed to say it because that is how he felt. He even took the chance to tell Caila that their relationship meant a lot to him. Leah asked Ben why he confronted Lauren that night instead of just letting it go. Ben straight out said he needed to face the conflict instead of ignoring it and he’s sorry, but pretty much too bad. Jubs also asked why he said that she had issues opening up and communicating, but he found it attractive when Caila and JoJo did it. Ben responded back saying that he took each relationship separately and there just wasn’t anything between the two of them anymore. After all the woman said their peace, Chris asked Ben if he was happy. He said he is so happy and more in love than he has ever been; he even went as far to say he would marry this woman tomorrow. Ooh la la!!

That is all for this week. Next week is our final episode and rose ceremony of the season! Who will it be?? We polled you guys on twitter and Lauren won out. Let’s see if you and I are correct. My recap of the finale will be up soon after the show so look out for that! Until next time my sweet, sweet friends!

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