The Bachelor Diaries: What happens in Mexico…


Viva la Mexico!! The perfect city for falling in love. Well every city on The Bachelor is the perfect place to fall in love. We are down to 12 women, emotions are running high and feelings will get hurt. Love is a battlefield. Let’s recap last weeks dates and then as always I’ll let you know my top contenders.

Amanda, who you may remember was one of my top 3 for two weeks in a row, finally got a one on one. She has two beautiful little girls that are a huge part of her life and Ben said that doesn’t scare him one bit. Ben decides to walk into the girls room at 4:30 am to wake Amanda up for their date. He got to see all the girls in the morning glory and he thought they all looked more beautiful, swoon! The best way to explore Mexico City is on a hot air balloon. Probably one of the coolest first dates ever. Take notes future boyfriend. At dinner, Amanda fills Ben in one her past. He took the details of her ex-husband like a champ. He just couldn’t imagine how any man could let someone like Amanda walk out of his life. They are adorable together. Amanda accepted the rose.


The group date takes the girls to a classroom to learn Spanish. I’m sure they all wished they paid more attention in high school Spanish so they could impress Ben. The girls all have a chance to say romantic things to Ben in Spanish, all of them saying the same sentences. For example, I love you or I want to kiss you. Ben would say these sentences back to them. When it was Jubilee’s time to converse with B, she had snide comments. “I can’t take this seriously because you’ve told every girl you want to kiss them.” When Ben said “Te amo,” Jubs responded with “You said that to the last four girls.” GIRLLLLL.

Next part of the date takes the group to a restaurant where they are going to cook some authentic Mexican food. They broke off into groups of two and of course Olivia didn’t waste any time claiming Ben as her partner. Girlfriend is quick to the punch, I’ll give her that. After cooking recipes that were all in Spanish, Jubs and Lauren B won the cooking competition.

Now during the group cocktail, Ben pulled Jubs aside to have some one on one time. She didn’t want to hold his hand because she didn’t want to make anyone else jealous but I think she is used to playing hard to get and this is not the situation where that tactic works. She was her own worst enemy during this process and Ben told her straight up that he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore and sent her home. I think it was honestly for the best. Lace said it best, she needs to lover herself before she can love anyone else. He gave the group rose to Olivia because he felt they reconnected. The girls are not happy to say the least.

Lauren H has an exciting one on one date planned for her. Mexico City is known for its fashion which was something that I learned. They also happened to be in Mexico during Fashion Week. They were able to go behind the scenes and see everything that happens. Attending Fashion Week just isn’t enough, they also get to walk in the show! Talk about intimidating. They both killed it and looked like pros! They had a good conversation over dinner and they took their relationship from friends to couple. Lauren H got the rose.


The final cocktail party before the rose ceremony seems to be all about Olivia. We had gone pretty far in this article before I had my Olivia rant. Emily is the first to tell Ben that Olivia isn’t the person she pretends to be in front of him. Amanda’s was talking to the girls about her daughter and ex-husband and Olivia makes the comment that it sounds like an episode of Teen Mom that she saw. What??? Why would you ever say that to someone! Anyway, Ben tries to fish information from Olivia but she made it seem like everyone was her best friend. Every single girl had something negative to say about Olivia and Ben really started to question his connection with her. He decides to take Olivia aside one last time to figure out what is going on. And that where they stop the episode. Ugh!

My top 3 for this week:

Amanda- He clearly had a great date with he


Lauren H- another great date


Lauren B- she is my favorite every week


We will have to wait until next week to find out what happens with Olivia. My thoughts are that she is going home. Ben doesn’t have the luxury of waiting around to see Olivia’s true colors, he needs to go with what all the girls are saying. Or not, who knows what he’ll do. Until next week my sweet, sweet friends!

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