The Bachelor Diaries: The Final Rose

And another beautifully crafted Bachelor season comes to an end. Now our Mondays will be lonely for another few months until The Bachelorette. Both of these girls love him, we know this. Ben loves them both, we know this. We are in the gorgeous Jamaica and tears will be shed, hearts will be broken. Let’s see how this plays out.


Lauren is up first to meet the parents. Probably the most stressful part of this whole process. She swooned Dad and spilled her heart out to him. He seems #teamlauren from their conversation. Mom comes in with the hard questions, but Lauren holds her own, even asking for advice on how to help him as a partner. Mom’s not sure yet if Lauren is the one.

JoJo is up to bat against the parents. Up until now we haven’t really seen this side of her, but I like it! Dad falls for her charm as he did Lauren. Men, they are so easy. I’ll admit JoJo was winning me over when she was talking to mom. Mom was definitely #teamjojo. Are we sure he just can’t marry them both??


On his final date with Lauren, Ben brings up that their relationship has been perfect and that makes him nervous. What happens when things go wrong? Lauren spills her heart out again and hopes that Ben will let their love be real in his mind and stop worrying about what ifs. Lauren begins to suspect his love for JoJo. These women are smart.

Ben and JoJo take a dip in a beautiful pond. JoJo asks the tough question: what will their life look like after this show? He can’t give her straight answers to her questions because his brain is in a million different places. Somehow those two find each other on the bathroom floor away from the camera while their mics are still on. He tells her that he loves Lauren and also told Lauren he loves her. This breaks JoJo’s heart.


Ben says knew which one to propose to when he was picking out a gorgeous ring. Next was lots of dramatic talking and walking and standing. Finally JoJo is the first to meet Ben. More times than not, that is not a good sign. She is literally dying on the walk over. I think deep down she knew she wasn’t the one for him. Ben didn’t quite keep his promise with not blindsiding her, but he still let her down the best way he could. I’m sure a million guys around the world who are watching are wishing they could get a chance with her.

If you couldn’t didn’t figure it out yet, Lauren is the one who has Ben’s heart completely. He even calls her dad to ask permission to marry her. Ben has been a true gentleman this entire season and really set the bar for future bachelors as well as men in general. I personally think they are the cutest couple ever. So, congratulations to the happy couple!

Here’s something I didn’t guess, JoJo is our next bachelorette! I’m ready for her season because like I said before, a million guys will be dying to get her attention. Can’t wait!  Until then, stay golden my sweet, sweet friends.


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