The Bachelor Diaries: The Boy is Mine

And we are back! Hopefully everyone on the east coast stayed safe and warm during the blizzard. Now if you are a bachelor regular, I’m sure you wondering when they will start traveling. Well don’t you fret, we take our first trip this week to none other than Las Vegas! It is the marriage capital of the world according to Chris Harrison. Let have a quick recap of last week’s dates and then we’ll get into my predictions for this new week.

JoJo got the first one on one and she was ecstatic. I mean almost jumped through the roof. They share a romantic glass of champagne on the helicopter pad of the hotel that is conveniently right in front of the other girl’s hotel room. Some of the girls, cough cough, Olivia, were not happy to see them kissing. But about two minutes before that she was saying how confident she was with her relationship with Ben. Ohh how the tables have turned. Over dinner, JoJo opened up about her last relationship and how she is more than ready to find that one special person. She walks away with rose, kissing Ben and watching a magical firework display.


Next, it’s time for the always enjoyable group date. The girls get the joy of sharing a special talent on the Terry Fator theater stage. Not only are they sharing, but it’s a competition. Oh, and it’s in front of a live audience. This would be the one thing I would not be able to do if I ever went on the show. I can’t do the competitions in front of an audience. No way.

Haley and Emily (the twins) did an Irish river dance, Jubilee played the cello and Olivia decided to jump out of a cake and do some weird, weird dance. It was bad. Very bad. I mean she just wouldn’t stop. She starts to have a panic attack as soon as she gets backstage. She was majorly embarrassed by her performance and what Ben thought of it. Anyone could tell you that Ben doesn’t care what you do, as long as you get up there and have a fun time. She tried to save it with their one on one time, but she just made herself look even crazier in my opinion. Ben had a great conversation with Lauren B and she walked away with the group rose.

Finally my girl Becca gets some quality one on one time with Benji. She meets him at the Little White Chapel in a white wedding dress. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry… other people with him. Ben was ordained in his spare time and a group of lucky couples got the pleasure of Ben and Becca officiating their marriage. They had a good time and looked like an adorable couple. He asked her the tough questions and really wanted to know how this time is different from last season. He even touched on her virginity but in a tasteful way. Becca walked away with a big smile and a rose.

Last minute, Ben decides he needs just one more date and it’s an important one. He needs to decide between Haley and Emily. He does a mini hometown date and they go visit their mother.  I already feel bad for whomever gets sent home, but they knew this day was going to come. Let me just say that their mother might as well be their other sister because she looks identical to them. Haley talked about him treating them like individuals and Emily talked him about Haley not having the deep connection that she has with him. Neither seemed to impress him, but he decided to send one home and that was Haley. Emily gets to go to the rose ceremony. Still doesn’t mean she is safe.

I feel like all I talk about is Olivia, but I’m sorry she just gives me too much to write on. During the cocktail hour she is the first of the gang to tell him that she is falling for him. He doesn’t seem to be overjoyed but with editing you never know. She seems to think he loves her back. She saw and felt his vibes loud and clear. Moving on to someone else. Caila really showed her attraction for Ben this episode by making out with him every chance she gets and Ben was digging it. During the rose ceremony, Olivia is overly confident about getting the rose and her relationship with Ben. She is the only one “talking” the entire rose ceremony and something tells me this isn’t going to go well for her. Two women are sent home. Amber and Rachel are those two. Dang we have Olivia for another week.

My predications for the top 3 are:


Lauren B. She still has a solid relationship going and he seems to really like her.


Becca. They had a great one on one date and I could tell something changed for him.


JoJo. Again, another great one on one that took their relationship to another level.

Who are your power rankings? Do you agree with my dislike for Olivia? Let me know! Until next time my sweet, sweet friends!

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