The Bachelor Diaries: Season Premier


Hello Bachelor family! We are back with another dramatic, exciting, crazy, and any other adjective Chris Harrison uses, season! Boy am I happy because Ben Higgins is not only gorgeous but he has a heart of gold and any woman would be unbelievably lucky to have him. As you can tell I’m a fan of Ben. Let’s recap a little on last weeks episode.

THE BACHELOR - Ben Higgins, the handsome software salesman who was sent home by Kaitlyn Bristowe last season on "The Bachelorette," confessed to Kaitlyn that he thought he was "unlovable." Even so, he saw a "great life" with her, only to have his hopes dashed and his heart broken when he was left without a rose. Now, Ben is ready to open himself up again to love, but he still has the lingering fear of being unlovable. He will attempt to put his heartbreak behind him and overcome that fear as he searches for his one true love and, maybe more importantly, a woman who loves him back. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) BACK ROW: AMANDA K, JACQUELINE, LAUREN R., TIARA, OLIVIA, LAUREN H., LAUREN B.; MIDDLE ROW: SAMANTHA, LACE, LEAH, ISABEL, BECCA, AMBER, JESSICA, RACHEL, JENNIFER; FRONT ROW: MEGAN, CAILA, JOELLE, JUBILEE, LAURA, LAUREN BARR, BEN HIGGINS, SHUSHIK, AMANDA S., EMILY, HALEY, JAMI, BREANNE

For starters we have twins! Emily and Haley. The are the epitome of twins. Dress alike, finish each others sentences and know what the other is thinking. Double trouble (as they said in unison.) Wonder what cat fights will break out between those two.

We have Samantha, a lawyer from Florida. She lost her father when she was 13 from ALS. She seems very genuine and I think she can go pretty far. And we have Caila who broke up with her boyfriend when she saw Ben on Kaitlyn’s season and felt butterflies. She sounds a little flighty but maybe she can prove me wrong.



Mandie aka enormous flower head girl steals him mid sentence. Not only was she rude there but she examined his mouth (she’s a dentist) and told him that if they are going to make out he needs to floss. Quite the impression Mandie.

Becca and Amber from Farmer Chris’s season are the last to arrive. I love Becca and I actually met her in Las Vegas in September and she is even more beautiful in person. When Becca and Amber walk in the girls were less than excited to say the least. I’m not sure why they are surprised. Anything, literally anything, can happen on this show. Ben was shocked and happy to see them both.

Olivia was the lucky girl to get the first impression rose. She left her job as a news anchor to go on the show. She seems very sweet and Ben’s smitten by her, but Ben is smitten by a lot of them.


Lace. I have a lot to say about her. She is going to be the center of all drama this season, First thing she does is ask him to close his eyes and plants a big fat one on his lips. I think she is going to be the cause of all drama this season. Lace is also intoxicated. If you have watched the show for awhile, you know theres is always one person that gets too drunk on the first night. Lace is that girl. As Lace was trying for yet another kiss, Mandie walks in to steal him. Ben went with Mandie for a second but came back into the house to find Lace. He explains to her that he wants to get to know everyone on a personal level and not on a physical level. He took the time to tell her that and every woman in America just fell in love with Ben all over again. Of course Lace took the opportunity to brag in her drunken stooper that Ben came in look for her but nothing about him just wanting to finish their discussion. Lace also gets the final rose in the rose ceremony. Maybe it’s the alcohol but in my opinion, she is rude. She talks bad about every single girl. Not someone I think Ben wants as his future wife, but hopefully he’ll see her true colors soon. Lace uses the opportunity to not appreciate her rose but to bitch that Ben didn’t make eye contact with her the entire rose ceremony. News flash Lace, this isn’t all about you. He has so many other things on his mind. Ben wasn’t taking any of it. “Let me get this straight, the issue is that I didn’t make eye contact with you during the rose ceremony? I just got done giving you the rose and sent somebody else home, not you.” Good for you Ben. He really should’ve just cut his loses there and sent her home.

It’s a little hard for me to make any predictions right now. Samantha is sticking out in my mind for being the most genuine and I hope she makes it far. I really can’t wait to get to know each girl better and also get to know Ben better. Are there any women sticking out to you? I’m easily swayed at this point. Until next week my sweet, sweet friends!

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