The Bachelor Diaries: Oh Ben!


Ben Higgins is the greatest bachelor in history. I know, I know it’s only been two weeks but he makes me swoon. He is so sweet, thoughtful and attentive to every single conversations he has. We were finally able to jump into the dates last week and they were interesting to say the least. Some true color came out for the cameras but of coursed were concealed in front of Ben. There were two group dates and a one on one.

Ben takes the first group of girls back to high school to learn how to love. After many different competitions (making a volcano explode, shooting free throws and even putting Indiana on a map,) only one girl was crowned homecoming queen, Mandi. Surprising to all of us, but she killed it. After all the fun and games, the girls got their chance to talk to Ben. Becca made it clear that she wanted to do things differently this time and put her heart out there. Lace showed that she might not have been intoxicated last week, it’s just her personality. After getting some time with him, she deemed that wasn’t enough and interrupted someone else’s time to talk about herself. Lace will claim she only had a second both time and it’s just not fair. All and all Jo Jo left with the rose because she was positive the entire day.


Caila was the lucky girl to have the first one on one. Oh and Kevin Heart and Ice Cube joined. They took them on the ultimate cheap date. Kevin haggled with a guy for flowers, they bought cheap liquor and went to a hot tub store to test them out. Not the ideal first date but at least it was fun. Caila and Ben went to dinner talked about what they saw in a significant other and then were serenade by Amos Lee. Now that’s quite a day. Caila got the rose and is safe another week.

The last group date took the girls to a love lab where they let science determine if they were at match for Ben. I’m not sure how it all worked but body heat and smell was involved. Almost every girl smelled sweet, beachy or flowery to him except Sam. He said poor Sam smelled sour. Olivia. Oh, Olivia. She is fighting for the title of Resident Bitch of the season. She said some really unnecessary things to get under the girls skins and it worked. She also makes the most ridiculous faces and it’s turned into many memes, naturally.

Screen shot 2016-01-14 at 8.30.01 AM

Olivia scored the highest for compatibility and Sam scored the lowest. During there one on one time Amanda opened up about her kids and Ben took it so well. He is just so adorable. Every though he had a great conversation with Amanda, Olivia walked away with the rose and escapes another rose ceremony.

At the rose ceremony, Olivia deemed Ben hers, and took him to have some private time even though there are other girls that haven’t had any time with him. This did not sit well with Lace. She confronted Olivia about it but Lace doesn’t make much sense when she speaks so it really didn’t go anywhere. Lace tries to talk to Ben but it turns into another conversation about herself. Go figure.

Ben does something really special for the girls that didn’t get a date this week. He gave Lauren B. a picture of the two of them from their first night. He gave Lauren H. a blue ribbon for highest volcano explosion. He also brought craft supplies to make hair barrettes for Amanda’s daughters. Like I almost fell on the ground from swooning. Why didn’t I join this season?!

A hand full of girls went home this week, one of them being Samantha, who I really liked. It’s time for me to make my top three predications. I know Olivia is the front runner right now but I don’t think she’ll make it to the end, plus I’m not a fan so I’m leaving her out of this. My top three picks are:

Lauren B., Amanda and Caila


What are you top picks for the season? Any great Olivia memes I missed?? Let me know! Until next week my sweet, sweet friends!

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