The Bachelor Diaries: Meet the Parents

We have finally gotten to my favorite part of this show, hometown dates; you really get to see where these women came from and who they are. These ladies’ true colors really show who they really are when they are around their families. Let’s get the rundown on what happened during the hometown dates and figure out how they will affect the final rose ceremony.


First, in Laguna Beach, CA we meet Amanda on the beach. Amanda has two girls, Kinsley and Charli. How Ben interacts with them will be a deciding factor if Amanda really falls for him. It starts off a little awkward, but that’s expected since her girls don’t know who he is. When they grow up and look back at this they will be so upset they didn’t try to kiss him (I know I would!). Ben and Kinsley run around on the beach and a huge smile is slapped on Amanda’s face; Ben with kids could make any woman weak in the knees. When Ben goes back to meet the rest of the family, they ask the tough questions, like is he ready to be a dad to two little girls? His answer is yes, but that might not be the whole story…


We now travel to Portland, OR to visit Lauren. I’ve never been to Portland but it looks beautiful and it just so happens to be the city of roses. Foreshadowing? We will see. Ben and Lauren spend the day walking around downtown eating out from food trucks and visiting a whiskey library (my kind of day!). When it was time to meet the family, Lauren’s sister was very skeptical of Ben and asked tough questions, such as why should they believe he loves her when he is visiting other hometowns? Ben started talking about why Lauren is the one and he started crying while explaining his feelings. Lauren’s dad wasn’t really on board, considering all the other women, which is understandable.


Hudson, OH is where we meet Caila and her family.Before Ben visited Caila’s hometown, she was nervous that it would’t be enough for him. They visit her high school and the special bench where all couples of Hudson go to sit (Aww!). Caila’s dad is the CEO of a toy company and so Ben and Caila spent their day in the warehouse building a playhouse. Caila mentioned quite a few times that she is falling in love with Ben and she can’t wait to tell her family. Her mom told her to take the plunge and tell him that she loves him. Her dad was doubtful though, as all of the dads have been, but her mom is #TeamBen.


Finally, we travel to Dallas, TX. JoJo is excited for her date and super excited when she sees roses and a note at her door step. As she is reading the letter out loud, she realizes that it wasn’t Ben who wrote it, but her ex boyfriend Chris. JoJo calls him to see what that was all about and he says he wants her back and is ready to be the man she needs. She told him that they were dunzo; she is falling for Ben. As Ben and JoJo go to her family’s home to meet everyone, Ben probably thought her dad would be the tough one, but I don’t think he was ready for her brothers. JoJo’s brothers were not convinced with anything Ben said and just really ripped into him. I would be so pissed at my brothers if they acted that way. However, there was humor to the situation when JoJo’s mom started chugging a bottle of wine (she is all of us!). Ben really started to question where JoJo’s feelings are with him.

When it came down to the rose ceremony, Amanda was the one to go home. She was really upset that she was away from her daughters for a long time and was going back home empty handed, but Amanda is smart, kind and caring— she will have no problem bouncing back from this. Who knows, maybe she’ll be the next bachelorette.

My predictions for the final two are… Lauren and JoJo. I think Ben is going to have a tough week with the fantasy suites, but this decision seems a little easier than the one he will have to make at the end. Until next time my sweet, sweet friends!

I’m 24… living the dream of a 1D fangirl. When I’m not obsessing over each and every one of them, I’m working full time as a recruiter and helping people find work. I love my family, I have the best friends a gal could ask for and I have the cutest pit bull named Jaida. I spend most evenings watching YouTube videos, browsing Pinterest and watching This is Us. How many times is too many times to watch that movie? The limit does not exist…

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