The Bachelor Diaries: Love and Soccer


Finally it’s time for another installment of The Bachelor, and we get to ignore the issues in our lives and laugh at other people’s. I know that sounds bad but you all agree. We had a new group of dates last week. Two one on ones and a group date. As usual it was nothing short of dramatic last week. Let’s remind you of the events of last Monday and I’ll let you know my predictions going into this new week.

Lauren B was the lucky gal to get the first one on one. Ben takes her on a personal flight around LA on a tiny plane. Mind you Lauren B is a flight attendant but she was very nervous with the little propellor. They share some magical kisses in the air and even fly over the mansion just to rub it in the other girl’s faces. After their magic carpet ride, his words not mine, they were dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Out in the middle of nowhere was a hot tub ready for their enjoyment. Ben has really been a fan of those this season. They kissed and really got to know each other. Their perfect night was ended with dinner and a private concert by Lucy Angel. Ben talks about how Lauren B is changing him. I think she could go really far if not all the way! Calling it now. Lauren B walks away with a rose and a night she will never forget.


A group of girls go on the date to the Coliseum to learn some soccer skills from some world cup champs, Alex Morgan and Kelley O’Hara. The girls broke into two teams, stars and stripes, to play for Ben’s heart. The twins were on opposite teams and ready for blood. Both teams put up a great fight but only one could win. One thing I would like to point out is that Ben had the most adorable laugh when either team scored. Like, so cute.

The stripes won and Haley, Olivia, Amber, Jami, Leah and Lace got to spend some quality time with Ben. Olivia of course makes everyone jealous by stealing Ben first and rubbing it in everyone’s face. Amber finally got some time with him and impressed him enough to get the group date rose. Olivia was not happy, but she reassured herself that it wouldn’t be fair of him to give her every rose.

Jubilee was the special gal to get the last one on one date for the week. She is quite hard on herself and really didn’t think she would get it. She was very nervous for the date and made some really weird remarks. One, she called out Ben for being 20 minutes late. Then, she kinda shrugged when he asked if she was excited for the date, and last but not least she finds out they are going on a helicopter ride and asks out loud if anyone else wanted to take her date??? Every single girl there wanted to punch her in the face for that remark.

But the date goes well. She and Ben have a good time playing shuffle board, hot tubbing (told you it was his fave) and then a romantic dinner. Ben says that Jubs makes him feel like himself, makes him laugh and blush which he likes. She lets Ben in on another secret, she is the only person left in her blood line and she carries that guilt with her all the time. Jubs said it herself, she is complicated. I think Ben could be a really good fit for her but if she’s looking for him to make her whole that’s not going to happen. Relationships compliment you, they don’t complete you. Sorry you Jerry McGuire fans.


It is time for yet another rose ceremony. Ben walks in to tell the girls that two close family friends passed in a plane accident the night before. You could see it on Ben’s face that he was hurting. Olivia is the first to grab him, you would think she would console him. Nope, not Olivia. She talks about how people use to make fun of her for her cankles. She even starts to cry and says “I try to be strong all the time.” Ummmmmmmmmmmm. Moving on.

Everyone else does a good job trying to make him feel better. Jubilee went as far as to give him a back massage. Speaking of Jubs, she has been very distant to everyone else in the house. She looks really angry or depressed. She admits that girls don’t get to know her and she is still holding on to her past.

Here’s how I see the whole ordeal: I think this is going to be her major downfall. Amber and other girls try to confront Jubs but she doesn’t want any of it. She then throws a fit and needs to be consoled by Ben. Amber tries again to talk to her but she just cries and cries and plays the victim.

Lace decides that this whole experience has been too much and she needs to learn to love herself before she can love someone else. She tells Ben she has to go home. You could almost hear the sighs of relief from every Bachelor fan. She needed to go the first week. Sushanna and Jami are the only two to be sent home.

My top picks for this week are:

Lauren H, Amanda & Caila (I know, same as last week but no one really impressed me this week)


Disagree with my picks?? Let me know! Enjoy tonights episode and check back for another Bachelor Diaries. Until then my sweet, sweet friends!

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