The Bachelor Diaries: Ben Doesn’t Love Love Love Love Love Olivia


So in case you forgot about what happened last week you can check out my recap here. Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in a little bit. We ended last with Olivia and Ben walking out of the rose ceremony together. Is it going to end well? Let’s jump into the quick recap and as always I will let you know my predictions for next week.

Cue dramatic music. Can you hear the whispering going around? Something is about to go down. Of course, Ben gave Olivia the benefit of the doubt. She explains that the girls are just painting their nails and braiding hair instead of talking about “smart things.” Apparently her speech was good enough because she kept the rose and is safe another week. Jennifer was sent home. Obviously very upset and Olivia had a nice smirk on her face.


They get to travel to the beautiful Bahamas! Three dates this week: One on one, group date and two on one. I’m super excited for the two on one, always drama insured. Caila got another one on one and Leah is not happy about it. She hasn’t had any extended one on one time and is starting to question why she is even there. On the date, Caila and Ben spend a day on a boat deep sea fishing. While Caila and Ben were reeling in fish, Leah was back at the hotel room practically packing her bags to leave. Ben asks Caila to open up more on at dinner and Caila explains that she is having a hard time, she think she loves him but she is not ready to open up to him. Ben is super confused and to be honest I am too. She turns it around by opening up about how she feels about him which are all good things. Ben likes what he sees and gives her the rose.

Time for the group date with Ben. JoJo, Becca, Amanda, Lauren H, Lauren B and Leah all join him on his boat and travel to his private island. Sounds like a dream date besides having multiple girls on your date with you. Most of the girls are worried about sharks that might attack but weren’t prepared for the swimming pigs. The whole date consisted of screams and running away. The group date turns for the worst and everyone is super awkward because they are on this private island yet with no privacy so everyone just gets to watch everyone else’s private time with him. Leah brings up her issues and Ben calms her down and asks her to just enjoy the time they have together. She walked away to appease him but she didn’t feel any better about their relationship.

After talking with Becca, Ben takes the time to tell every girl that he is serious about them and their relationship with him. Leah takes her time to bash Lauren B and say that she is a different person around the girls. Now I’m not with the girls all the time but it doesn’t seem that Lauren B acts like someone else other than who she portrays. Ben doesn’t believe it for a second but he can’t help but have that in the back of his mind. Leah is confronted about it by the girls and straight up lied. Like you know you were on camera right, Leah.


Back in the hotel, Leah goes to Ben’s room to talk to him again about Lauren B. Why wouldn’t she take the time to just get to know him better and focus on their relationship rather than someone else? I’m still not sure where she is coming from with all her information about Lauren B. Thank goodness Ben hears my calls, doesn’t feel anything towards her anymore and sends her home. I’m over her, good riddance, now on to the two on one date.

Emily and Olivia. It’s no lie these two don’t like each other and Ben is in for a storm. I’m not sure he is completely ready for what’s ahead. Olivia gets the first alone time with him and doesn’t miss the chance to brag about herself and tell him that she loves him. Emily also tells him that she is in for the long haul and even though she is young she wants him to experience those milestones with her. At this point, I’m not sure who he’s going to send home. He takes Olivia away with the rose in hand. He starts to say a lot of nice things to her but then says he can’t reciprocate her feelings and doesn’t love her. Olivia is obviously crushed. He just walks away leaving her by a rock and watching him give Emily the rose. Ouch. Talk about a slap in the face.

Ben decides to cancel the cocktail party because he just can’t take anymore drama. As I’m sure you can guess, this sends the girls into shear panic. Lauren H, Olivia and Leah were all sent home this week. We are down to 6 women and it’s only going to get harder for everyone.

My top 3 for this week:


Lauren B—has been a front runner from the beginning and I see her going far.


Calia—finally opened up to Ben this week and took their relationship even further.


Amanda—she got the rose on the group date and Ben seems very fond of her.

That’s all for this week. Tune in for more drama and romance next week. Until then my sweet, sweet friends!

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