Taylor Swift Concert: Indianapolis, IN

So here’s the thing, it’s taken me a few days to write this review because I’ve been having such bad PCD. Honestly, it was SUCH A GOOD SHOW.

It was my first time seeing Taylor Swift and it was just magical. I went with my sister and her sister-in-law who also are huge fangirls of her. We even made t-shirts. I will probably wear this shirt forever.



So let’s talk about her opener, Vance Joy. WOW, he is a hunky Australian peach of a man. I mean, those curls. That accent. The way he played that tiny guitar in Riptide…I almost melted.



Unfortunately, I had to delete the videos I took of his angelic voice in order to make room for Taylor. (I’m so sorry)

Once Vance Joy finished, it was now an intense period of waiting for the one and only Shifty Swifty. Everyone was so excited and anxious for her to come on, you could feel it in the air. While waiting, they played a Calvin Harris song and my heart exploded into a thousand tiny pieces. I mean, COME ON. It’s just adorable.  
Other things that were adorable: the fans. The range of fans, first off, was amazing to me. From little girls, to moms clearly there on their own, to 7 year old boys with crushes, the arena was full of people more than excited to see her.  One thing I loved about the teen or pre-teen fans was their clear desire to want to be just like Taylor. I loved that because she is such an admirable person to look up to. Its very refreshing to see that today. Anyways, I just thought these girls’ signs in front of us were so innocent and cute I just HAD to take a picture.

But let’s be honest, I was 100% one of the girls who wants to be just like Taylor Swift. Or be best friends with her. I’ll talk about that also.

So while we were waiting for her to come on, we realized that on everyone’s chair was a bracelet. It looked kind of like a white fitbit but they had a piece of plastic sticking out. We pulled the plastic out and nothing happened so we were pretty confused. However, when ‘Welcome To New York’ started, we instantly realized what they were. LIGHT UP BRACELETS. And they were synced to light up at different times, to different beats and with different colors. IT WAS SO COOL. You can see it really well in this video. Also, side note, I almost started sobbing during this song because it hit me hard that she was RIGHT THERE.


She continued her show by singing almost all of 1989. PLUS, she sang ‘Trouble,’ ‘Fifteen,’ ‘Never Ever Getting Back Together,’ and a mashup that included ‘Enchanted.’ It was 18 year old me’s dream. Fifteen was my anthem.

I obviously loved all of the 1989 songs because DUH they’re so good. But what I loved a ton were ‘Trouble’ And ‘Never Getting Back Together.’ Why? Because she sang a different, more rocky, rendition of them and they were just incredible.


The one song I never expected to absolutely LOVE was ‘Out of the Woods.’ It was incredible. For a Harry girl, it meant even more because she had not only giant paper airplanes flying around but also tiny ones falling from the sky. TWO PAPER AIRPLANES FLYING. She’s talking about Harry. I died. Just died. Also, her all gold body suit was the best thing i’ve ever seen.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

‘Blank Space’ was everything I dreamed it would be.

 I want to talk really quickly about the videos she played between some of the songs. She had Lena Dunham, Selena Gomez, Abigail, Hiam and a few others on video talking about their friendship, love, and life. My favorite part was when they talked about the importance of friendships between girls and how we need to stick together and be nice. I just thought that was so encouraging to hear. And all the young girls there hopefully really listened to that because they all look up to her. Okay, off my soap box now.

Another song that I grew to love abundantly more than I did before the show was ‘Clean.’ I never truly loved the song until I heard her talk about it beforehand. She gave this big speech about getting broken up with and how you have to work to get back to a normal you. It was so inspiring and it made me love that song.

BAD BLOOD. I have no words. It was perfect.

Then came the special guest. Even though I’m not the world’s biggest country fan, seeing The Band Perry sing ‘If I Die Young’ with Taylor was AMAZING. I screamed so loud the whole time. I absolutely LOVE that she brings guests on stage.


Finally, unfortunately, the show was coming to an end. ‘Shake it Off’ was the last song she played and boy, was it a good one.

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I know I keep saying that the show was so good, but hopefully now you can see that it really was SO GOOD.
And one more thing, PCD is SO REAL.

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