Summer’s Coming: Explore Your Own Backyard

The first official day of summer isn’t until June 20but if you’re a college/university student like myself, you are just about to be on your summer “vacation.” I say “vacation” because summer break isn’t filled with popsicles and sunshine like when we were kids. Instead, it is filled with long days at work in order to fund our studies the next fall. Because of this we might not be able to take that 10-day trip to Monte Carlo and we have to make use of the (maybe) two days off a week we’re given. With that being said, here are my tips for a stay at home summer. Even if you’re not starting summer vacation because you’re still in school or already full on adulating with a career, get up and take advantage of your weekends and the start of the nice weather by exploring your own backyard!


Being a tourist in your own home is the perfect opportunity to have a great summer vacation if you don’t have the time (or heck even the funds) to travel. This is going to be hella vague since all of us Trenders are spread across the globe, but my goal is that everyone takes their own spin on it and no one wastes their weekends.

Going outside can completely turn your mood around, especially if you’re working a 9-5 desk job. Pack a picnic and go for a hike or a bike ride on those local trails you’ve never checked out and enjoy the view.


Now this kind of contradicts the “your own backyard” business, but hey, your backyard can be bigger than you think. Whether this means a day trip to a nearby city for some shopping or spending the weekend somewhere, make a killer playlist and spread your wings!

road trip

You liked day camps when you were a kid right? So why would you not like them now? Look into what your city has to offer and sign up for a weekend art class or even a morning fitness camp.


Go to that place that you’ve never gone to because “that’s where the tourists go,” lets be real… tourists have a great time so they must be on to something. If you’re not sure what tourists do when they’re in town, go to a nearby hotel and look at brochures they have out. Visit that museum, amusement park, winery, or whatever else your town may have.

Happy tourist sightseeing city with map

Go outside and enjoy summer; don’t let a full time job control you! TREAT YO SELF.

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