#SongFeels: Gold by Jamie Scott

Trendom is proud to announce a new series from resident writer, Jamie Jean! In #SongFeels, she’ll take you through her stream of consciousness as she listens to a song. Press play on the tune and let the words take you into how she felt when she first heard it.

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(Press play and listen as you read)

Whether for fun or passion, love or adventure, alone or with a partner, we’ve all been there. We’ve all had that moment. The moment. It seems to last a millennium and  a millisecond at the same time. There’s a strong steady build, a rhythm that’s constant, a bow slowly pushing and pulling against it’s mate, a boat rocking it’s way through the waves of a gentle storm. An occasional thrust of something deeper, and then right back to the slow steady pulsation that tortures your every being. Appendages curl as you’re brought closer to the edge and any sense of coherent thought dissipates. Fragments, flashes of color, broken images as you reach and attempt to cling to the bridge that’s breaking within you. But to no avail. The damn breaks, the river flows, and you’re left panting for breath as you try not to drown in euphoria.

Wants go deeper and
Love comes closer and
Hearts get weakerrrrrr

That is Jamie Scott’s – Gold.

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Jamie Jean
25 and a whiskey fanatic. Sassy, rude, and grouchy because Harry Styles lives 5 minutes away and I’ve never seen him! I have an opinion on everything and not everyone agree’s, but I hope you find humor in my over the top obsession with music and the people who create it. LA is where it’s at, so if there is a show worth seeing, you can be sure to find me there!

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