#SongFeels: Follow You Down by Casja Siik

Like a beat

Like a call

Like a forever we don’t know

When reflection and memories cloud your mind.

Past choices, every fork in the road cross before your eyes

and you wonder where you’d be if you didn’t decide.

If you stood there frozen in time

Refusing to move forward

relishing in your prime.

Everything moves, everything changes

growing and spinning and adding to the pages.

Jumping in, head first, rushing off to join the wind.

Chasing the sun, the warmth and the rays

never worrying of the darker days.

Forgetting all worries, letting go of regrets

allowing your heart to seek out your souls requests.

A constant search for common ground

I said down

I’ll follow you down


Follow you down

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Jamie Jean
25 and a whiskey fanatic. Sassy, rude, and grouchy because Harry Styles lives 5 minutes away and I’ve never seen him! I have an opinion on everything and not everyone agree’s, but I hope you find humor in my over the top obsession with music and the people who create it. LA is where it’s at, so if there is a show worth seeing, you can be sure to find me there!

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