#SongFeels: Emotionless by Good Charlotte

A beautiful smile, a confident walk,

A women whose past, she hasn’t forgot.

The strength and grandeur, she stands tall,

With drive and ambition, she motivates us all.

She tells a tale, dark and grimm,

Of where she found her pride within.

The days I spent
So cold, so hungry
Were full of hate
I was so angry

Cowered in closets, sleeping in cars,

Shame and darkness fills her memoirs.

Determination to surpass expectations,

To learn and grow from her weak foundation.

Ambition fueled her greatest dreams,

Success and pride fastened the seams.

The scars run deep inside this tattooed body
There’s things I’ll take to my grave
But I’m okay,
I’m okay.

She never forgets where it was she started,

Always forgiving, never closed-hearted.

Looking back, she learns from her past,

Turning forward, she continues steadfast.

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Jamie Jean
25 and a whiskey fanatic. Sassy, rude, and grouchy because Harry Styles lives 5 minutes away and I’ve never seen him! I have an opinion on everything and not everyone agree’s, but I hope you find humor in my over the top obsession with music and the people who create it. LA is where it’s at, so if there is a show worth seeing, you can be sure to find me there!

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