#SongFeels: Diary of a Madman by Ozzy Osbourne

The second installment in a new series by our very own Jamie Jean. In #SongFeels, she’ll take you through her stream of consciousness as she listens to a song. Press play on the tune and let the words take you into how she felt when she first heard it.

Did the song make you feel the same way? Did it mean something else to you? Let us know by tweeting us @trendomco!

Written words. Line after line after line. Page after page after page. Pulled from the spirals in which it’s bound. Crumpled and thrown down to the ground. Spinning round and round and round.

No exit.

Wall after wall after wall. Pounding fists find it’s soft padded cage. Fingers twist and pull hair in rage.

No exit.

No voice. No sound.

Crazy, hopeless. hellbound.

Cowering as they watch, they judge, they hate, through the walls they infiltrate. Plastered to the floor, barely breathing. Only sound is your heart beating.

Jacket snapped. Arms behind your back.

Solace is found behind the blinds of closed eyes,  where you find shattered walls and fiery skies.

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Jamie Jean
25 and a whiskey fanatic. Sassy, rude, and grouchy because Harry Styles lives 5 minutes away and I’ve never seen him! I have an opinion on everything and not everyone agree’s, but I hope you find humor in my over the top obsession with music and the people who create it. LA is where it’s at, so if there is a show worth seeing, you can be sure to find me there!

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