Song to Soundboard: Steve Mac

As young and well accomplished as last weeks artist JHart was, this week’s artist is a well seasoned writer whose hands and creative thought has been influencing songs we have listened to since before some of us were even born. In 2012 James co-wrote a song for Inna and Pitbull called “Good Time” with a man by the name of Steve Mac. Mac’s first breakthrough hit came in 1990 when he produced a song called “Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked)” with DJ Chad Jackson. You may not recognize the DJ’s name, or the song title, but press play on that video below and I promise you will recognize that tune!

Steven spent the early part of the 90’s writing and producing award winning hits for UK and AUS acts such as 5ive and Vanessa Amorosi. In 1999 he wrote the song “Flying Without Wings” which lead to his permanent position as writer and producer of the band Westlife, as well as a job offer from Simon for the first version of The X Factor.

The job went to Louis Walsh instead as Steve preferred the seclusion of his studio, but Simon still calls upon him to work with¬†each years winner in the writing and production of their first album. Leona Lewis brought his first taste of major US success with the¬†production of her rendition of “A Moment Like This” and “Footprints In The Sand”.

The 2010’s brought us his work on the acts we all know, The Wanted, James Blunt, One Direction, Little Mix, Union J, and many many more! In most recent years we have gotten Rixton’s “Me and My Broken Heart” and the summer hit “Break The Rules” from Charli XCX.

With such a strong discography stretching across decades that may expand some of our entire lives, have writing and production credits on everything from 90’s house music to modern boy bands, Calvin Harris to Demi Lovato, there isn’t a music lover alive today who has not heard a song that Steve Mac has touched. My hope is that you would consider the work done by those behind the voice when listening to your favorite tunes, and build an appreciation for the creative minds that help those beautiful songs come together.

Jamie Jean
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