Song to Soundboard: Camille Purcell


Camille has worked on several songs with last week’s writer, Ed Drewett, including Little Mix’s hits “Black Magic” and “Weird People” but wait until you hear the rest of her collection. As vocal coach on The X-Factor,  she has access to many of the new artists that stem from the series. With advance knowledge of their abilities and personal vocal styles, she is able to turn out the songs that enable them to excel.

Having grown up on the likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Motown and R&B, her influences show through out the works she has written. Fleur East’sSax” has a heavy Michael Jackson vibe, and Little Mix’s “Hair” sounds like it could have been on a Janet album circa 1985.

Songs from the likes of JLS (“Billion Lights“), Jessie J (“Alive“), and Leona Lewis (“Mr. Right“) in 2013 brought Camille recognition from ASCAP, receiving the Foundation Stone Award which celebrates new creators and architects in the songwriting industry.

Camille was also announced to have been in the studio with John Henry Ryan late last year working with Rita Ora on her much anticipated sophomore LP that we all hope to see this year! Rita’s voice combined with Purcell’s compositions can only turn out what is sure to be a stand out track. We can’t wait to hear it!

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