Song of the Week: “Leave (Get Out)” by JoJo


Remember way back in 2004, hearing songs from a tiny brunette with a huge voice? I do, and I’m sure we all remember one of the youngest solo artists to have a song hit number one on the Billboard Top 100, at the age of thirteen – the one and only JoJo. This amazingly talented young woman was first noticed after she competed in the hit television show “America’s Most Talented Kids”. From there her career took off, straight to the top. After the huge success of her debut album, JoJo, she released The High Road in 2006. THR reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and spawned her biggest single ‘Too Little Too Late.’ Unfortunately, a dispute led to her leaving her initial label in 2009 and she has since signed with Atlantic Records. She released two mixtapes, Cant’ Take That Away From Me and Agápē. 

This past August her official website was relaunched, and tour dates have been announced for JoJo’s comeback tour I am JoJo. To celebrate her comeback, we’re gonna take it back to 2004, and celebrate with ‘Leave (Get Out)’ as this week’s song choice of the week.

This weeks song choice is titled “Leave (Get Out) by JoJo


Honestly, as I listened to this song and wrote this article, all of my childhood memories were brought back to life. This song was honestly the song that everyone loved to sing along to when we were in school. Not only that, but JoJo’s amazing voice captivated many of us to listen to this song as well as many of her others.  ‘Leave (Get Out)’ is a song about being cheated on. JoJo sings about the person who she was with, breaking all of their promises. She mentions in her chorus that she knows about the other girl her significant other had cheated on her with, and she wants him to “leave (get out).” He messed up all of his chances with her, and was only a waste of time. I feel in a way, some people can relate to this song, since they’ve probably been in that position once in their life. This song is a perfect way to get over that sadness that the other individual made them feel.

So let’s all take a trip down memory lane, and just sing as loud as we can to this song.

We’re excited to see what’s next for this pint-sized but powerful artist.

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