SoMo – My Life II: The Mixtape- Album Review

I first discovered SoMo on YouTube back in 2013. A friend of mine showed me his music video for his song Ride, which I’m sure you’ve all heard, and if not I bless you with the video down below and hope you survive because I didn’t the first time watching it. If the weekend and Trey Songz had a baby, that is how i would describe SoMo’s music. When I found out that he was releasing My life II, a sequel to his first album My Life, I literally almost fainted because I already knew this album was going to be amazing. Here’s my opinions of each song below.


1.Wide Awake

Even though it’s only about a minute long, it’s still a good, short, little tune. I believe this will probably be used as his intro for his new Fallin’ Up Tour.

2. Why Wait

This song makes me want to do the Worth It dance by Fifth Harmony, but with this song playing instead…. does this explain the song well because thats exactly how it makes me feel.

3. Bad Chick

The beat and angelic voice of SoMo in this song just makes me wanna scream YAASSS the entire time. it’s one of those songs where you want to pull your best Beyoncé moves and stare at the poor soul your infatuated with…like really poor soul because i can’t dance.

4. Hide & Freak

This song features one of my other favorite artists – Trey Songz. This was released a week before My Life II, on September 4, 2015. I’m honestly still recovering from the first time I heard it. Like yeah, I’m gonna go Hide & Freak the hell out.

5. On & On

This is another up beat song. I’m usually more of a fan of slower songs, but this album has changed my mind. Honestly every song SoMo has ever made always has a sick beat and background music.

6. Make up Sex

I knew I was done for just by reading the title of the song. I mean the lyrics “Cause girl I’m hungover, lets just start over, gotta be more to love than this, we should be naughty, connect our bodies, you know I’m on it, I’m on my knees”. Yeah I’m not fine, I’m just gonna go sit in the corner and try to breathe properly again.

7. You Can Buy Everything

Here’s the slow song that I love. SoMo always has great songs, with great lyrics. I love the lyrics “I’ve seen a millions dollars in my bank, But it don’t mean nothing without you” and “You can buy everything, but you can’t, you can’t buy love.” It’s a song we can all relate to about just wanting someone to love and not caring about the extra materials in life.

8. Ring Ring

I’m always confused when artists put thirty second beats on their albums, but I think in this case it will be used as another type of intro for SoMo’s Fallin’ Up Tour.

9. Fallin Up

Another slow, sensual song. Listening to this song the first time, I imagined it to be one of those songs you see at concerts, where everyone has their phone lights on, swaying side to side, just listening to the song with pure bliss written on your face. The title of the song is also conveniently the name of the tour.


I have never been disappointed with anything SoMo has ever released, and I definitely was not disappointed with this album. I feel like a proud mother, his music just seems to get better and better. If you haven’t subscribed to him on YouTube (which you should because he has SoMo Sundays and new cover every Sunday like YAS), I highly suggest you do. Also a great thing about SoMo is that he has his all his songs on his YouTube channel.

Besides checking out his new album My Life II, you should also check out his second album called SoMo, it is easily in my top five favorite albums of all time. It includes the ever so famous song Ride and some of my favorites such as Back to the start and Hush. You can buy all three albums on iTunes, check them out on Soundcloud or Spotify or check out the videos down below.

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