Scream Queens: “Seven Minutes in Hell”

Welcome back to another week of a Scream Queens recap. I have to say this episode has been my favorite from the hilarious dialogue to generally being afraid of what was going to happen next. For those of you who have not given the show a chance and you are reading this, stop and download the Fox Now app and watch them all. You won’t be disappointed.


It is finally time to vote for Kappa House president. Each girl in the room voted for either Chanel with a white marble and Zayday with a black marble. Candle Vlogger Jessica tallied the votes and the winner is….drum roll……… it’s a tie! Kappa house rules state that if there is a tie for Kappa House president then both candidates with preside as co-presidents. As you can imagine, this throw’s Chanel into a rage. Like the biggest tantrum I’ve ever seen and I babysit a two year old for a living! Turns out, Chanel really had her acting pants on. She voted for Zayday and wanted her to win. Obviously the president is the main target for the killer and if Chanel is out of the spot light then she won’t be killed. I guess that sorta makes sense, Chanel.

Grace convinces Zayday that someone in the house must know some secret and that’s why the killer is targeting Kappas. The only way to find out these secrets is a slumber party. Zayday claims only two thing come out of a slumber party, someone dabbles in lesbianism and secrets are revealed. Of course Chanel is against the slumber party but Chanel #3 is all for it and they play spin the bottle. Chanel #3 is also looking at Predatory Lez every time so I think Zayday’s slumber party theory might be half true.


During a riviting game of spin the bottle, #3 prays very hard to have the bottle land on Predatory Lez. After a respin, her wish is granted. I must mention that #3 has grown on me in this episode, I feel like I’m starting to get her humor. After their steamy kiss, #3 tells Sam, aka Predatory Lez, that her sex life has been unusual up to this point. When she was 18 she dated her dad’s friend who committed suicide by running  himself over with a golf cart at the club. The guy she dated last year was so obsessed with her ears he had to leave school. He writes her letters threatening to cut them off if he ever sees her again. This is why she is always wearing those darn ear muffs! The moral to her story is that when she loves someone they are driven insane and she doesn’t want to do that to Sam.

The girls quickly find out that every door and every window is locked. Chanel had a fail safe security system installed. Pretty much a whole house panic room. Chanel figures the killer hacked into the system to lock them in. Hester mentions that there is only one reason the killer would do this and that is to pick them off one by one. Hester gets creepier and creepier each episode.


Chad and the Dickie Dollar Scholars come to save the day. Chad uses a ladder to climb up from to the second floor. Before they can really celebrate for saving the day, The RD has found them. As the rest of the Dickies make it up the the ladder, the guy who got both his arms chopped off is obviously not making it up even if The RD wasn’t coming after him.  You will be missed armless man. With the Kappas and Dickies all under one roof, now is the time to play spin the bottle. Pay no attention that your friend was just murdered outside. After Chanel wastes an insane amount of time trying to find out if #5’s vagina has teeth, Grace asks Sam what #3’s deepest darkest secret is. While #3 blurts out she has sexy feelings for Sam, Sam also says that #3 is the daughter of Charles Manson. #3 is pissed that she would tell everyone after she promised to keep it a secret. She then dares Sam to go into the basement and sleep in the bathtub. Sam goes down into the creepy basement and finds the bathtub. It is not long before The RD finds her. Sam asks before he kills her at least show his face. Sam said she knew it, she knew all along it was this person then she is strangled.

Hester finds Chad alone in the kitchen so she takes this time to let him know that they are on the verge of being the next “It” couple. Chad breaks it to her that she might just be too crazy for him and he is focusing on his relationship with Chanel. Hester let’s him in on a little secret, she never takes second place and she always, ALWAYS, gets what she wants.


Chanel proposes that they let some steam off with 7 minutes in heaven. She and Chad go first. Before anything good can happen, Chanel tells Chad she wants to take their relationship to the next level. He agrees and even pinky promises to only sleep with only her. Screams come from down the hallway and Hester is standing over Sam’s dead body in the bathtub. The group goes back and forth about if Hester could be the killer, she definitely has the makings for one. #5 and Rodger are still in the closet enjoying their 7 minutes. That doesn’t last for long. The RD uses a nail gun to kill poor Rodger in front of #5. The group comes running once again when they hear the screams. Chanel is quick to accuse #5 of being the killer. Actually she accuses #5 and #6 of being The RD team. She also points out that she finds it suspicious that Pete isn’t there. I mean he wouldn’t have been invited anyway right??

Chad finds a secret passage from the closet. Chanel and Zayday take one for the team and go down the tunnel together. Chad vowels to never sleep with anyone harder if Chanel dies. Sweet Chad. Zayday and Chanel walk down the biggest and nice secret tunnel where pictures of previous KKT presidents hang on the wall. The RD makes his grand entrance with two axes ready for a fight. He almost has Zayday cornered but Chanel hits him over the head and the two escape unharmed.


Chanel gives each girl in the house their own set of customized numchucks. The girls are starting to like each other and even becoming closer. I think it’s because their group is getting smaller so there is less people to keep track of, but nonetheless cheers to sisterhood! But no slumber party is finished without a kick ass slumber party. As #3 said, “what a great way to pretend that all these people they know weren’t murdered.”

That’s it for this weeks recap. Any thoughts or theories?? I’m still as lost as ever. Until next time my sweet, sweet friends!

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