Scream Queens: “Haunted House”

Hello all! We are back with another crazy episode of Scream Queens and this week we have reached the Halloween special, which did not disappoint.


We begin with a hilarious ode to T Swift with a montage of Chanel gifting her 700 plus followers on instagram the joy of Chanel-oween. Yes, a handful of them received care packages full of blood, severed heads, and limbs. Each girl was so filled with happiness you almost makes you feel like Chanel is a good person but then you snap back to reality.

Grace and Pete finally make it to the middle of Blumbletown, USA to find Mandy Greenwell. They are dressed like Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey from the classic movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.” Pete does a spot on McConaughey impression, I must add. Mandy Greenwell fills in some details about the night. She was one of the sisters who left the pledge in order to have a rad time at their killer Kappa party. The administration liaison to Greek Life, aka Dean Munsch, convinced the girls that they would be arrested for negligent homicide. They bury the dead body themselves, but Munsch made sure the sister were blindfolded so they wouldn’t know where they were taking the body. They were also told to leave school immediately and never have contact with anyone else EVER. Surprisingly, they all listened and their parents didn’t kill them for wasting all that money on college. Oh, and we find out that the baby was a girl!

Back at the house, the girls are downstairs making jack-o-laterns for the lucky girls of Chanel-oween. Side note: Chanel-oween is almost a dead on, shot for shot video of Taylor Swift’s gift-giving video. Look at it here.

Zayday tells the girls that she will be holding a haunted house fundraiser for Sickle Cell Anemia and she will also be running for Kappa house president. As you can imagine, this sends Chanel into a rage and threatens her with every thing she has. Obviously Chanel cannot lose this campaign to a freshman, that hasn’t happened in 150 years! The Chanels decide to be original and throw their own campaign fundraiser for Black Hairy Tongue syndrome, which I’m not too entirely sure exists but I’m too afraid to Google it.


We know that The RD is always one step behind and he makes his way to the trailer of Mandy Greenwell, ready to seek revenge for spilling the deets from THAT night. He does a very good job of scaring the crap out of her and the audience. Seriously, this scene reminded me of my favorite scary movie The Strangers, if you haven’t seen it… do! Also, make sure the lights are on.

Grace decides to confront her dad about her mother after he shows another creepy and probably some sort of foreshadowing to his film class.  She ask him why all her mother’s stuff conveniently burned in fire, why she doesn’t have a birth certificate and why did all these murders start happening when she got to campus??? All valid questions, Grace, but daddio denies everything.


Pete sends Grace a text message to meet at an address called Shady Lane. When they walk into a torn down house, they soon find out they are not alone. Zayday, Denise, and the british guy from the Dickie Dollar Scholars jump out. It’s like the want to give everyone a heart attack. Denise and Pete both did research on the haunted house- note to self, add this to each of their lists as suspects. There was an old story of a woman who lived in the house and moaned in the streets about her dead children. She would go around the neighborhood and dig children’s toys out of the trash. Zayday thinks that this place will be the perfect spot of her haunted house. Denise still thinks Zayday is the killer but Zayday doesn’t waste any time turning the tables on Denise. It seems that Denise also went to Wallace University and was a Kappa pledge, but she was rejected mainly because she was black. She then dropped out of school. Also, I’m not too sure it says all that information in previous pledging files but remember Tami, it’s just a show.

The Chanels are in the cafeteria handing out flyers for their haunted pumpkin patch fundraiser. After all that non-interaction interaction, they decided to break for lunch which consists of cotton balls until Chanel declares she is tired of eating nothing just so guys will find her hot. Before they could leave to get pizza, a pig from a fraternity cat calls at the girls. The Chanels let him know that they won’t stand for his misogynistic ways and literally lay the beat down on him. Girl Power!! I love how Ryan Murphy and Co. push social issues in this series.


Hester and Chad have been getting pretty close lately. They both have an obsession with death, so they sort of make the perfect couple. They received a text message to meet at the haunted house, each thinking it was from the other. After searching the house for a place to bone they stumble upon every single dead person thus far in the series, except Boone of course. It was a dramatic moment for both of them. They aren’t as badass as they seem.

Pete, Zayday, Grace, and British Dude make their way to set up for the haunted house only to find that everyone is already there. They find all the actual dead bodies and Zayday calls the police. They don’t believe her because there are supposed to be dead bodies at a haunted house, duh. While she was alone walking outside on the phone, The RD finds her and we don’t see the rest. Is it safe to assume she’s dead or is she apart of the plan?? Grace wants a search party out looking for Zayday, but before she gets to it, she fills Pete in on the information she found. She some how found time to walk down to the police department and go through the files of the abandoned haunted house without anyone questioning her. She found out there was no information on the house before 1995 and that it was reported to house a woman in black who had stolen diapers and milk that same year. Grace has a theory that the woman who lived there was taking care of the Kappa baby.


Flash back to the haunted house and a moaning sound coming from the room with all the children’s toys. We see a woman sitting in a rocking chair and we come face to face with the woman in black. Gigi.

That’s all for this week. Check back next Wednesday for more Scream Queens! Until then my sweet, sweet friends!

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