Scream Queens: “Chainsaw”

I’m back with another recap of this week’s episode of Scream Queens. I know I said last weeks was long because it was a two hour premiere and we needed to introduce everyone but it seems like each week will be long. There is just too much important information that needs to be said and trust me I cut out a lot of stuff. Let’s get to it!


We start the episode with Zayday and Grace walking into a convenience store talking about how Pete could or could not be the killer. They are in the process of food shopping since the Kappa house is missing a cook, when The Red Devil shows himself. He starts charging at Grace but she is quick to the draw with her taser and Zayday pushes a rack of chips on him. When they finally pull off the mask, it’s Eugene, from Zayday’s poly-sci class and he is also the school mascot. I mean honestly Eugene, you can’t start sprinting after someone on this campus after there has been a string of murders.

Chanel and #5 are standing in the meat locker arguing about where #2’s body went and who is stealing all these bodies?! #5 is over this whole serial murder thing because she is too busy getting Eiffel towered by Roger and Dodger (sorry for the visual) and she is out. Chanel is pissed to say the least and #5 is on the long list to get destroyed by her.

Back upstairs, Grace and Zayday seem a little curious that #2 is not around and go to search for her in her room. They notice a stain on the floor and wonder if it is blood or vomit? Right then, in walks security officer Denise to let them know that it is indeed blood. She also sprays luminal to prove her point. And yes so we are on the same page, she doesn’t carry a gun but she does have luminal! Denise shows the girls #2’s tweet from that night telling her followers that she was being murdered. No one else at all had noticed this but Denise?? Sounds a little fishy to me. The Chanels told everyone she had a mental breakdown and went home to Bel-Air. Grace points out that she has been posting pictures by the pool on her IG and the only way to find out what’s really going on is to go to her family home.

The students on campus organize a take-back-the night rally with posters saying “I’m not KKT” so that The RD doesn’t target them. I’m not sure it works that way but we’ll let them do their thing. Chad is still broken up about Boone and Chanel tries to comfort him. She tells him she wants to get back together but all that she asks is that he sleep with less people. Chad, being the psychology major that he is, lets her know how controlling this is and that she is pathological. Even through she has symmetrical boobs, he says he can’t sleep with her anymore because her pledges are too ugly.


Dean Munsch leads the rally to update the students on the recent deaths. She also mentions that Boone’s death was ruled a suicide. Who slits their own throat?? Any who, she tells the students that their mascot, The RD, is not the serial killer but in order to stop the violence against the students that wear the mascot unifrom, they have changed the mascot to…drum roll please… The Coney! Literally an ice cream cone that she ripped off some ice cream truck or shop.

Grace, Zayday, and Denise walk up to what looks like a castle to meet with #2’s parents. They insist that they haven’t heard from her in several weeks and tell the girls that she has had a drinking problem in the past and been in and out of rehab. Oh, and they thought she was heading in the right direction when she brought Chad home for Thanksgiving last year. #2’s mom also found a note behind her bureau a few weeks ago that reads this:

Dear Chanel #2,

Spending Thanksgiving with your family was amazing. I love that your dad is so rich and I love porking you so much. I hope we can keep on porking forever. You’re so freaking hot. I love the faces you make when I’m really taking you there. I’m thankful for you, Chanel #2.


Chad Radwell

Back at school, Grace is finally going to a class and vows to have a normal college experience. Yes Grace, now is the time to try to find normalcy. She goes to sit down in her chair for Intro to Film Analysis when she recognizes the voice of the professor, her dad. She figures out that her dad scammed her way into one of his classes in order to watch over her. Considering everything that has happened Grace, why wouldn’t you want someone you trust to be around you. Unless she can’t trust him? He proceeds with the class and shows The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which he considers the best cinematic film in history. A little foreshadowing I must say.


We now meet Aaron Cullen, but don’t worry we won’t know him for much longer. Aaron went from a nobody to THE man on campus, thanks to his new job as Coney the mascot. He gets lots of perks such as feeling up girls and taking money from the cafertia. Like I mentioned before, don’t get too attached to Aaron because The RD is waiting for him in his room and after a little struggle, Aaron is added to the death count.

Neckbrace aka Hester breaks into Chanel’s closet and does what any normal college girl would do in a closet that is as magnificent as Chanel’s – she tries on everything. Her fun doesn’t last for long because Chanel finds her and proceeds to rip her a new one. She tells Neckbrace that Karl Lagerfeld isn’t really her uncle but he does bring her a trunk full of clothes every fall. She burns last season’s because she couldn’t bare to think of someone poor wearing them if she donates instead. But then a lightbulb goes off in Chanel’s head, that if she makes over Neckbrace, Chad will have to take her back because there would be another hot person in the house. Priorities, Chanel, priorities.

Next up is a quick scene at Dean Munsch’s tennis court (the perks of being the dean) where she tells GiGi that they will be moving into the Kappa house for a week in order to keep an eye on the girls and that she better stay away from Wes, Grace’s dad, because they are kind of an item and she calls dibs. Another scene worth mentioning,  with Chanel #3, the one that wears those stupid ear muffs with every outfit, thinks that her and Sam, the lesbian, are destined to be best friends and soul mates. #3 needs to get this deep dark secret off her chest and she needs someone she can trust. She comes from a lot of money but her mother use to visit some crazed serial killer in prison. #3 took a paternity test and found out that Charles Manson is her actual father! Not sure how she figured that out but she doesn’t want anyone to find out and accuse her of being the killer because it is in her blood. She tells Sam that she is not the killer but when the killer strikes again she needs Sam to be her alibi and vice versa.


In the grand living room of the Kappa house, a few of the girls are gathered around to go over some details. Grace informs Chanel #5 that #2 was dating Chad last year the same time Chanel was. #5 was shocked but not because that was a horrible thing to do to her best friend, but because she also dated Chad. It was only one date but she still slept with him. #3 also mentions that she dated Chad too last year. Is there anyone on this campus that Chad hasn’t slept with?? While this debate goes on, down walks Chanel and Neckbrace, yet Neckbrace no longer has a neckbrace. She is wearing a white beautiful gown, fabulous shoes and has her makeup done. Chanel announces her to the group as Chanel #6. #5 throws yet another fit because A PLEDGE CANNOT BE A CHANEL… WAHHHH. Chanel makes a mistake that no one seems to notice but she says “What am I supposed to do, two Chanel’s are dead.” Grace or Zayday, you didn’t pick up on that??? Before the get they chance to play cocaine or dildos, in walks Dean Munsch and GiGi ready to move in!

At the Dickie Dollars Scholars house, they have a council meeting led by Chad. He tells the group that Boone was gay but he doesn’t think Boone killed himself. He tells them that after the murder happened, the cops let him in the house to get his Iliad cliff notes, he saw bloody foot prints that led to the downstairs bathroom. Boone was murdered! The only way to avenge his death is to ‘roid up, get their drink on, grab baseball bats, and take to the streets yelling The RD’s name. He has to come out and fight because it’s a street gang rule.

Grace goes to Pete’s room to apologize for accusing him of being the murder. She tells him that she thinks Chad is the killer. He clearly sees people as objects and prey, not to mention has a creepy knife collection. Pete thinks Chad is an ass but not the killer. Pete did some research on the names he found in the Dean’s office. None of them pan out but a Greenwell who dropped out of school two credits shy of graduating the same year the baby is born. She only lives six hours away and the two take a road trip.


The next scene starts with a great jam, Backstreets Boys’ ‘Backstreets Back.’ Walking down a street in all white are the boys of Dickie Dollars Scholar ready for war. Of course The RD makes an appearance because ghetto code is a real thing. Turns out there are two RDs and the boys stand no chance with their baseball backs vs the chainsaws. But have no fear because Chad escapes with no real damage…darn.

Denise picks up Zayday while she’s walking home alone but handcuffs her when she gets in the car because she had proof that Zayday is the killer:

Exhibit A: President pin- she plans on challenging Chanel for Kappa president and what better way to knock off the competition then with murder.

Exhibit B: A CD from Best Buy- the very same Best Buy that Shawndell (the other security guard that was murdered last episode) worked at.

Exhibit C: (She didn’t have anything to show for this one)- what if she has a partner working with her. She was in the house when Shawndell was murdered and she was in the ground when Deaf Taylor Swift was decapitated.

Exhibit D: A tweet- she tweeted Shonda Rhimes, the executive producer of ‘How to Get Away with Murder’, @ShondaRhimes if Annalise Keatings really wanted to get away with murder she’d find a partner and work as a team #cahoots

Exhibit E: A chainsaw- hiding under her bed

Zayday insists that Denise is crazy and has no real proof. Not to mention that her grandmother sent her that chainsaw since they took her taser away. Denise decides to let her go but warns her that she will be watching her every move.


The last scene of the episode shows Dean Munsch and GiGi getting ready for bed. Dean Munsch mentions that she needs to sleep with a white noise machine, but this white noise machine has literally the worst sounds ever and apparently no volume control. Munsch tries a bunch of different noises but decides to settle on slasher movie which sets the tone and music for the rest of the night. GiGi decides to sleep downstairs because no person in their right mind could sleep with all that noise. It’s not long after GiGi is settled in that The RD attacks her. She is able to fight him off with help from Wes, who is sleeping outside in his car and hears her screaming. The girls come running downstairs, but are told to go back upstairs and call the police.  The last person to wake up is Munsch, which is convenient because The RD is missing with only a chainsaw left behind to prove he was there. Wes declares Munsch the killer!

Any clues or theories on who is the real RD? What do you think of the new show and does it have you rolling too? Until next week my sweet, sweet friends!

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