Scream Queens: “Black Friday”


I know you are just as excited as me for this biggest holiday of the year, next to Chanel-oween of course, Black Friday. Don’t be fooled. Chanel isn’t shopping for herself, she gets all her clothes hand delivered by A list designers. Black Friday isn’t about Chanel, it’s about buying deliberately cheap, totally forgettable Christmas gifts for her “friends.” Chanel logic- the cheapness of the gift makes them question their friendship, making them way easier to manipulate as they try desperately to get back on her good side. I wonder why she doesn’t have more friends? The Chanels leave the house just in time to make it to the mall. Dean Munsch tried her hand at giving Chanel a time out but how well do you think that worked?

As the Chanels are shopping, or should I say watching Chanel pick out the worst gifts for them, #5 brings up that they spent $13,000 on her present (a Chanel Classic Flap Crocodile Jumper Purse, naturally) so why isn’t she doing the same? $13,000?! What college students have that kind of money to throw around?! Chanel seems to have an ah ha moment realizing that she should buy her “friends” something they enjoy; they all head off towards the Chrysler dealer to  get matching pink jeeps. They are greeted with no other than the RD and everyone, but Chanel, escapes. She stayed back to do the honorable thing for Kappa; she isn’t a match for the RD and is shot with an arrow in the shoulder. Before the RD can finish her off, Denise Hempfield, the new Chief of Police for the town (everyone else was fired) comes to the rescue and chases the RD away.

According to the sisters of Kappa, Dean Munsch has to be the killer because she was the only one who knew they were going to the mall. Plus, all the others reasons given last week. Chanel says the only way to keep everyone safe is to kill the Dean. Surprisingly, Grace agrees and they devise a plan to poison her. Grace and Chanel bring her a glass of her her favorite drink, apple cider, laced with puffer fish poison. They use enough poison to kill an army, but Munsch doesn’t seem to go down.


Chad Radwell calls a meeting of the Dickie Dollar Scholars, but it seems everyone except him was murdered. Pete was also invited to this meeting, but he is unclear of why he’s there. Chad goes on to read the will Boone left, pretty much bequeathing everything to Pete. As you could imagine, Chad thinks they were gay lovers. Pete explains that Boone was his source, his eyes and ears, inside the Greek system.

Pete convinces Grace not to go through with the plan of killing the Dean because she will become the very thing she is trying to stop. The sisters of Kappa vote to kick Grace out because of this change of heart. Grace goes to visit her dad only to find Pete there too. He stumbled upon some more information and wanted to run it by Wes to see if he knew anything. Apparently Gigi had a twin sister who was a Kappa and took the babies that night. She killed herself because the stress of raising twins was too much and that left Gigi custody of raising and training the killing machines.


The Chanels and Zayday take Munsch to a spa that specializes in Cryosauna therapy; basically, you are in a room that freezes and it’s suppose to rejuvenate you. Sounds like a good day until the girls set Munch’s room to -210 degrees fahrenheit. She is in their for 23 minutes and still manages to survive.


As Pete is packing to leave the campus, he gets a phone call from who we can assume is the RD. They argue about leaving the campus. Pete says that the point has been made and questions why they want to take it any further. He then says “yes, I feel guilty because it is not who I am.” He ends the call with a stern “don’t you ever call me that again.” What you do you have up your sleeve Pete? If that’s even your name? Grace shows up to finally take things to the next level with him, but he stops her because he doesn’t want her first time to be with a…. killer!!

One more episode before the season finale. I wonder if we will find out who the killer is for real or if we will have to wait until next season for more torture? Until next time my sweet, sweet friends!

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