This is a story that started on March 25, 2015. Well, you could say it started even before then, when Zayn Malik first stepped on to the X-Factor stage years ago. Now, in 2016, or as Zayn has dubbed it, Z016, the days of a five-member One Direction are well in the past, and the era of Zayn as a solo artist has begun.

A few months back, Zayn Malik revealed that he was indeed working on a solo album that would be released sometime this year. Many One Direction fans were gutted, some were so happy for him, and some were neutral. Perhaps it was the way he talked about his ex band or the way he seemed to be over zealous, but we could chalk that up to Zayn being himself— the newly confident and solo Zayn.

Twitter blew up on January 24th with one single tweet from Zayn himself.

It was happening.

Five days is actually a long time when you’re waiting to hear a voice that you haven’t heard in nearly 10 months. But, we survived and not to sound cliche, it was well worth the wait. As Zayn stated before, in a few interviews, he wasn’t able to incorporate his preferred style of music into One Direction’s main style thus leading to his departure. Now that Zayn has officially gone solo and is creating his own music, we are able to hear his style— what the real Zayn is like.

“PILLOWTALK”  is a 3 minute and 23 second sneak peek into Zayn’s creative mind. There’s a smoothness to the sound and you get goosebumps immediately. It’s very sensual. You can feel the emotion in his strong, yet soothing, vocals. It’s poppy, but definitely R&B inspired. “PILLOWTALK” is the type of song to get you into the mood—and you know exactly what mood I’m talking about.

When “PILLOWTALK” was officially released, social media broke down. Not literally, but you would have thought by everyone’s reactions that the internet would soon crash and burn.

*** There were many millions of explicit tweets about this song— search at your own risk.

So far, it seems the crowds are quickly getting on board with solo Zayn. It’s refreshing to hear this other side of him, and we won’t lie, WE WANT MORE. We’re all curious to see where this goes, and what more Zayn has in store for the world as he steps out on his own.

Along with “PILLOWTALK,” he also dropped a music video (which is beautifully and artistically done), a new website, a VEVO channel, and a Snapchat (ZAYN). Woah. You can also buy “PILLOWTALK” on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. As for the release date of his album, Mind of Mine, that has yet to be announced, so we’ll sit here patiently waiting while listening to “PILLOWTALK” on repeat.

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