Perfect by One Direction

IT’S OUT! Single numero dos from One Direction’s highly anticipated Made In The A.M. was released across the globe on October 16, 2015 and we LOVE it. It’s, dare we say, Perfect.

I personally opted to stay up late (I’m in California) and listen in on BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show to hear the first radio play ANYWHERE and when the song started and Louis started singing, I freaked. This is the first song that Louis has ever started and oh, he sounds beautiful. The song fits all of their voices and shows off how well they sound as a foursome. The slight auto-tune makes it edgy. It’s got a catchy back-beat that you can dance around to or jam out to while driving.ย This song, to me, is about being that guy to have fun with and maybe not make a commitment to. It’s a bit naughty, a bit cheeky, a lot One Direction.

My favorite thing to see when a new song comes out are the reactions from fans, and the One Direction fandom does song reactions better than anyone else out there. Because I was online when the song was first played and was listening with everyone else, it felt like a big party. Here are some of my favorites.

For some people, Perfect was on Spotify before it was on iTunes

Americans who stayed up late to hear it for the first time were anticipating being on the struggle bus on Friday. Good thing lack of sleep is remedied by playing Perfect on repeat.


Yep. This. We are eternally grateful to Harold and his clumsiness for this golden quote.

We LOVE it when family jumps on the reaction train

Someone who speaks to what we’re all thinking. We’re happy the guys are taking a VERY deserved break but dang it we can’t wait to hear Made In The A.M. live! Also, it’s not confirmed that they’ll perform this for the last two weeks of tour (sob).

And now, we wait for the music video, which looks amazing just from the stills we’ve seen.

Thanks lads. We love you.

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