Pentatonix – Self Titled Album Review

Pentatonix has become well known over the past few years for their epic covers of well-known songs, reinventing what we already know into something uniquely them. But their self-titled full-length album is full of original songs written mostly by members of the band – it’s totally new, and it’s a very good thing!

You already know that the lead single, “Can’t Sleep Love,” stole my heart and I have been counting down the days until the album release. Not only did we get the album, but we got their new single and a video!

I love this! You’ll see some familiar faces (Maisie Williams, HEY!) but you’ll also notice that each member of the group takes a turn at lead vocals, even Kevin, who I always think of as the “beatboxer” of the group. I just want to clap along and dance and SING with them!

Another stand out song for me is ‘Misbehavin.’ It starts with a bass line that reminds me of ‘Stand By Me,’ which is perfectly suited to their style. It’s a little slower, a sugar-sweet love song, a bit doo-wop AND it’s cowritten by Rooty, who is a fave among us trenders.

‘Water’ also stuck in my head after listening. It’s led by Kirstie, backed by the boys, and features Kevin’s whooshing and whizzing (ok, those are probably not the technical terms) that I really love.

I can’t take this any longer
I need, I need you like water

It’s on the tip of my tongue
I’m not asking for much

If you spring for the deluxe version – does anyone not? – you get a few of their most recent covers. My favorite one is ‘Cheerleader,’ where they manage to transform a song that has long since overplayed it’s welcome (sorry!) into something I want to hear more of, thanks to their fun arrangement.

I don’t know any other acapella groups that have broken into the mainstream the way that Pentatonix has on this album. While listening, it’s easy to forget that the only instruments they are using are their voices, but the rhythms and harmonies are so complex that nothing is missing. This group is truly talented, both as singers and songwriters, and I hope to see a lot more original material from them in the future.

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