Past Baes You May Have Forgotten

Years come and go and so do your favorite crushes. But have you ever taken a trip down memory lane to remember your childhood crushes from back in the day? Maybe you hear an old Backstreet Boys  song on the radio or happen to catch a throwback episode of Saved by the Bell on TV. The memories come rushing back and suddenly your heart is full again.

So we’re dedicating  today to those past baes – gone but never forgotten! I recently asked around on Twitter for some of your old childhood crushes, and whew, those memories came rushing back in like a flood. Be still our hearts, yesterday and today!

1.The Lawrence Brothers

These three brothers have been in quite a few movies on the Disney channel. Brotherly Love and Horse Sense were instant crush classics. And don’t get us started on Joey…

2. Aaron Carter

Known for beating Shaq in a game of basketball and always throwing the best parties… until his parents came home.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

His dad-bod may or may not still be bringing in models by the dozen, but back in the day he captured our hearts by playing Jack Dawson in Titanic.

4. Kovu, Lion King II

We were young, it was completely normal to have a crush on a cartoon character. Right?

5. ‘N Sync

When they said “Bye Bye Bye” our hearts melted. Then when they said “Bye Bye Bye” for real, our hearts broke. RIP ‘N Sync. We still love you.

6. Backstreet Boys

We gave them our hearts and they gave us the best song to sing to in the car… I Want It That Way.

5. Jonas Brothers

These brothers were Burnin’ Up and we aren’t talking about the weather.

6. Troy Bolton and Chad Danforth
The best team on and off the court in High School Musical 1, 2, and 3. What team?!

7. Eric & Cory Matthews and Shaun Hunter

Cory and Shuan were the lovable best friend duo who were always getting in trouble on Boy Meets World. Eric was the pesky, but cheeky, old brother. Swoon!

8. Uncle Jesse

He was the coolest and hottest uncle on Full House. Have mercy!

9. Hanson

These three brothers Mmm Bopped their way into our hearts with their sweet harmonies and luscious locks.

10. Adam Brody

He was the quirky Seth Cohen on The OC. And of course we’ll see Death Cab with you tonight.

11. Ryan Sheckler

Once he skateboarded his way into our hearts there was no turning back. Luckily J-14 had our backs and supplied us with the best Ryan Sheckler wall décor.

12. Zack Morris and A.C. Slater
These two were getting into all sorts of mischief, but they were always Saved By The Bell.

And for me, the ULTIMATE crush that can never be forgotten…

13. Johnathan Taylor Thomas  a.k.a. JTT

He made us weak in the knees when he was Randy Taylor on Home Improvement, then went on to make us fall hard when he played Jake in I’ll Be Home For Chirstmas. In fact, JTT is still making us feel all sorts of ways.

I recently went on a spree of feels, in which photos of 1D reminded me of my old crush JTT. I couldn’t help myself but make the comparisons. These similarities are uncanny, no?






My heart was not, and still is not over this bae.

Which old school crushes stole your heart back in the day? Take us down memory lane by tweeting us @trendomco!

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