OTRA Ottawa Night 1 Recap – TMH FEELS

We’re going to say this everytime in hopes that it turns out that nope, they’re going to do a few surprise shows in the US still (hey a girl can hope) BUT we’re really nearing the end of OTRA NA. Last night, our guys threw a major curveball at us and put on an incredible show at an ARENA. Yes, an arena. Not a stadium. This explains why they’re doing two shows in Ottawa but most of us were just not prepared for the flashbacks to Take Me Home Tour we would get, seeing them bouncing around on a smaller stage with a mini-catwalk. I saw a few people predicting that Harry would forget and run off the end of it – this thankfully did not happen but damn, did a lot of other things happen!


It was SUCH an intimate show, that the guys could touch the fans hands from the stage. Not kidding (more on this later). Niall, Dan, and Josh each expressed how excited they were about the arena show – maybe this will prompt them to go back to arenas for their next tour? Please?

good to be back in the arenas !

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As per usual, Niall kicked the pre-show off with our daily dose of WWGTM

#wherewegoingtodaymark @jarv2475

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Oh those curveballs? Yeah, they included Liam starting off Clouds for unknown reasons but we’re really NOT complaining since he threw in a note change (of course)

Remember what we said about the fans being close enough to touch from the stage? Yeah, we’re jealous. And shaky and not crying at all.


Guitar Playing Power Stance Activated

TMH feels were REAL

Oh hello there, Louis

WDBHG – first time it’s been performed in an arena since the guys did it on X Factor UK in December – YES THAT SHOW WHERE RONNIE WOOD PLAYED WITH THEM

Niall, you cheeky man

‘Kiss You’ with the mini catwalk – we kind of like it

Harry found a “beautiful family”


Niall sounded really, really, REALLY good last night


Songs just sound so GOOD in an arena!

Ok this is one of my favorite Narry things – for those of you who don’t know what the hell they’re doing, I like to call it the Jagger Flick, because they’re imitating what Mick Jagger does onstage. Cuties.

Hi Louis!

DFWYB – whole new meaning because of the arena (we’re not sorry for blabbering on about this)

Remember the other night when Harry went nuts for poutine? Yeah, Liam tried it now and probably won’t let Harry forget about it

Look. How. CLOSE.

Harry caught someone on the phone – woops!



Niall possibly, maybe, probably, got tired of hearing variations of “what’s a CHONCE?!” and sang “chance” instead – still a beautiful song Nialler.

Night Changes

No Control


Drag Me Down (btw can we pretty please get the second single off of the already amazing album 5?)


Through The Dark

Harry the Ninja made another appearance during Girl Almighty


Only to be replaced by Flag Twirler Harry

Harry found a birthday girl named Sophia, and Niall and Liam had some fun joking about it


Harry doesn’t feel appreciated

*sigh* Hi Louis, possessor of eyes that are ever changing

Louis comforted Niall about his foot but only because he also stole his mic and Niall couldn’t run after him


Niall is on light duty with his foot in a boot for a few (8) weeks so he has to go easy during Act My Age – hmmm maybe that’s how he hurt it?

Hi Liam, Bye Liam. We love you and your love of HATS.


That’s a wrap for Ottawa #1 – stay tuned for MORE

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