OTRA Newcastle Night 3

52 cities down and one more to go on One Direction’s On The Road Again Tour. That’s quite a number. As we’ve said, this tour seems like it’s been going on for forever, yet feels like it’s ending too soon all at once.

First off, today was a pretty exciting day for the fandom because WE GOT OUR OWN EMOJI! The powers that be at Twitter made a OT4 emoji that shows up anytime we tweeted #AMAs1D and it looks like THIS


The hashtag was trending within hours and fans all around the world were using it just because it was so damn cute.

Of course, this is the One Direction fandom so photoshop was used immediately


Can’t wait to see the guys perform ‘Perfect’ at the AMAs on November 22!! Who’s up for a watch party?

As always, our MEN put on a fantastic final show in Newcastle. Let’s get to it!


No Control


We see you Payno

Ok this is seriously cool! It’s amazing how in sync the guys can be on stage, but it’s not surprising considering how much time they’ve spent on stage


SOML with Liam and Niall and Liam stealing Louis’ style (ADIDAS)

Better Than Words

#onedirection #ontheroadagain

A video posted by Samantha English (@sammiexenglish) on

Liam hitting Louis in the balls and then Louis…checking himself



Prior to yesterday’s show, Niall and Louis did an interview where Niall discovered what we’ve all been laughing about all tour – CHONCE. We think that Louis knew a lot more about it than he let on, but the gem of it is watching Niall sing that line and KNOW why we’re all laughing. Cheeky lad.


Act My Age – we’d very much like to sing this at the top of our lungs with the lads in a bar *sweet dreams are made of this*

Hi Harry

Through the Dark


We need to talk about how Louis William Tomlinson needs to wear blue ALWAYS


The best thing about this fandom is how proud the guys are of us. Louis spoke again about the Billboard ad and the No Control Project.

Night Changes

Hazza had some trouble getting rid of a bra onstage….yes it’s as funny as it sounds

Please tone down your cuteness we can’t take it



And that’s it!

Only THREE MORE SHOWS! And then we head into full on promo for Made In The A.M.!

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