OTRA Montreal Recap

So the On The Road Again Tour stopped off in Montreal last night, and boy was it a show. There’s so much we could cram into this recap, but we’re afraid we’ll run out of space if we try to cover it all. Instead, we’ve decided to cover the 15 most memorable things we took away from the show.

1. Harry gets a little crazy over all things Canada.


Okay, so he gets a LOT crazy over all things Canada. Especially poutine. Don’t get him started on poutine.

Here’s a full transcript of the meltdown…



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You pumped Harry? You pumped for Canada?



Seems the adrenaline wore off later in the show though…


2.Niall also loves Canada. He’s just a bit shy about it.


3. Niall fractured his foot somehow. Who knows how? Well, he doesn’t, for one. Who fractures their foot without realizing it? #OhNoNiall

Really, Niall? That’s the story you’re gonna stick with? You can’t think of anything that you could have done to fracture your foot? Nothing?


4. Niall makes up for his lack of knowledge about his own body by proving that he’s tech savvy and good with languages.¬†

5. Liam truly appreciates the fans. LIAM WE LOVE YOU.


6. Having Harry Styles serenade you for your birthday is great, but having him compliment your awesome moustache is even better.

7. The way we feel about Louis’ voice is the way Harry feels about poutine.

8. Narry is real.

So real.

9. But so is LiLo..


10. …and so is Nouis…


11. …and so is Lirry.


Or is that a new pet dog that Liam is petting? Harry?

12. Harry is great with a lot of things – Names, not so much.

13. Liam got more tattoos!


Liam’s on a roll this summer and we can’t wait to see the full sleeve. FULL SLEEVE LIAM RISE!!!

14. Apparently he also got a blue beard. His style is really evolving…


15. We love One Direction and we can’t wait for their two-night stand in Ottawa.

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