OTRA Manchester Night 2

Last night’s show in Manchester during the On The Road Again gave us glorious high notes, great banter and near nip slips. Naturally, we were anxious to see what would go down during night two at the Manchester Arena. As usual, we were not let down. Tonight’s show was chock full of greatness.

Ironically, we’re going to start this recap with a few moments of not-so-great…

Liam and Louis battled it out over which verse they were on during Steal My Girl

Though it still sounded good. How are they so perfect even when they mess up??

This next moment could be called a moment of greatness for Louis. Sadly, we can’t say the same for Liam.

Eventually, LiLo’s antics on stage will lead to some serious injuries. Be careful, boys!

Louis was on point with the antics today (ok, when is he not) but he didn’t stop there. Can we talk about how PER-FECT-LY he sang No Control???

While we’re at it, we may as well mention this funky little dance number he did:

Louis wasn’t the only one with moves tonight. Harry and Liam had their fair share as well.

Liam, stop playing with the lasers.

Ah, much better Liam. Much better. Wait, where’s Niall?

Oh, there’s Niall.

Harry interacted with the audience a lot, as per usual. And, as per usual, he was kind…

Aww, how nice. He gave that sweet fan his towel!


…Yet whenever we have kind Harry, we must also have it balanced by not-so-kind Harry.

Exhibit A: Harry poking fun at a fan who’d just come to the show straight from the gym.


Note to self: shower before you see Harry so he doesn’t call you out in front of thousands of people.

Exhibit B: Harry repeatedly getting a fan’s name wrong, telling her it’s her fault, advising her to get a better name… the list of offenses goes on and on…


Ok but seriously can we just get a mic passed to the girl in the crowd? Poor thing!

This is gonna go on forever…

Like, forever…


Finally, technology came in for the win.

Technology and Lexi’s sister, we applaud you. Harry, for shame.


Oh, and the whole point of that 4 minute foray… the Happy Birthday song:

Note to self: Wear t-shirt with your name printed in large block letters to the next show you attend.


All in all, the show seemed like it was a blast to attend. A good, loud, fun time. After all, as Harry pointed out, “If it’s not loud, we get fired.”

Noted, Harry. We’ll keep sending our screams your way. Don’t blame us when you have hearing problems later in life.

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