OTRA Manchester: Night 1

The first of two gigs in Manchester for the On The Road Again Tour gave us more of the usual things we love and adore about One Direction. Let’s get right into it shall we?

We’ll just casually start out by mentioning that Liam picked up something a fan through on stage and slipped it into his pocket.

Who else is intently curious as to what was on that piece of paper? Who else wishes they could get Liam to slip their love notes into his back pocket? Who else thinks we should continue on before we find ourselves in an endless loop of wonder and envy? Ok, us too.

Moving on, Fireproof gave us more of those ridiculous (read: amazing) note changes across the board, but Liam in particular was on point.


Louis got the crowd screaming (and screaming loud) during his solo in 18

And though we were all concerned about his having the flu, Niall seemed lively and cheeky on stage.

Harry seemed… well, Harry was Harry.

Harry saw the audience laughing in his general direction and assumed he’d must have experienced some sort of wardrobe malfunction. Based on this, we’re going to assume that he does in fact stalk us on Twitter and read through our constant discussions and general fawning over his nip slips. “I”ve got FOUR,” he reminded us. Name dropping the album as much as you can before the next one comes out, hmm Harold?


Not wanting to suffer the embarrassment alone, Harry did his usual picking on fans in the audience. (Does he really love us, or does he just use us as his personal punching bag? We see you, Harry) This time, the poor target of his stage antics was a little boy who made the mistake of falling asleep…


Not sure which is more concerning… the fact that Harry is making fun of a small child, or that he’s asking him if he’s single. Stop trying to auction people off on stage, Harry!

Another victim? A girl who simply wanted some water. Harry offered some not so helpful advice…


Louis, on the other hand, has no time to give out advice. He’s got a silly string quota to fill.

…and a water gun quota. Liam is well aware of said quota.


For those of you who want the gratuitous shots of LiLo drenched in water, well, we always aim to please…

Oh, you want more? Ok…

You may be thinking “Oh, yeah, I still want more” but wet LiLo running around on stage while Harry sings his DMD high notes just may do you in. You’ve been warned.

No? Still hanging in there? How about the most glorious of all glorious high notes from the one and only glorious Leeyum Payne?

Yep, thought that would be the final blow. You’re welcome… er, sorry? No, you’re welcome. Sorry not sorry. See you next show!

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