OTRA London Night 6 – Last show at The O2

That’s it! The guys have completed 6 out of 6 sold out shows at London’s O2 arena, and in the process, set a record for the most shows performed there by a single act *drum roll pleeeeease* TWENTY-THREE. Whoa!

Louis was PUMPED


In which we find out that Harry is already over Snapchat (he secretly has an account and snaps constantly, don’t tell anyone *Speculation*)



But wait…

If Liam does this on Snapchat all the time….we’re going to need daily doses *pleaseandthankyouverymuch*

Once again, Harry tried to auction off a man. And then it turned into a THROWBACK

Harry threw in that he’s loved London since he was 16 and yes, we’re *slightly* emotional over here

"I've loved you since I was 16 london" #18 #otra #otralondon #harrystyles

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Fireproof *sigh* those note changes though

Niall, Liam, and Harry discussing Niall’s boot on the big screen while Louis had a wee

Night Changes

Better Than Words

Through the Dark

Act My Age


Ninja Harry part 5319

And Louis had had enough of Harry being the only ninja in the band


More Clouds

Snapping during Little Things LiLo style




Niall didn’t sit with Louis during DFWYB and this was his reaction

Louis’ been feeling under the weather and some fans made sure to ask how he was doing. Awwww

Stockholm Syndrome Laser Cage Time

Ok, we don’t know if this was a mistake or on purpose during SMG but we don’t hate it….

Whoop got him on snap!


We’d quite like it if every night was Niall Vision – hello boys!

Liam acknowledging that he and Louis go home from shows a bit on the soaked side due to those water fights


No Control

Drag Me Down closing it out

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