OTRA London Night 4 – Mums and Waterfights

‘Ello everyone! Night 4 at The O2 is down in the books and the guys are cruising right along. Well, slipping this time, since the LiLo water fights recommenced last night after a few shows off.

Louis started off show day with the most relatable of all relatable tweets

And Niall was just really, really excited

Harry even got in on the action! And promised more prancing. We love it when he prances.

Before the show started we were happy to see that the 1D Snapchat was being put to good use


Gotta be honest, the new stage set up in the UK reminds us of TMH so much that we still half expect them to pop up out the floor. But walking out like rockstars is pretty good too!

We also find it super cute that they always introduce themselves and thank the audience for coming

Little bit of Kiss You action from up above


Story of My Life

We’ll never get tired of Liam’s falsetto. NEVER.


Fireproof is THE best song for a roadtrip


Niall snapchatted on stage and brought up a TON of screams


More snapchat! Seriously, 1D social media intern, we love you.

Through the Dark


Better Than Words

We know Niall misses being able to jump around on stage….

Will we ever get tired of Act My Age? No. Never. Irish Jig and all


Girl Almighty



Oh HEY Stockholm Syndrome super cool laser cage

Harry got a hold of a fan’s fan and used it on himself

All of the lights during Little Things

Liam *almost* read out a naughty sign and caught himself at the last second. And say hi to his lovely mum and sister.


Look how CUTE the Payne women are!

Mom and daughter date on our way to the O2 to see our little superstar xx

A photo posted by Nicola Payne (@np2788) on

Once again, Harry found the cute married couple celebrating an anniversary. Congrats Chris and Heather!



Speaking of the Payne women….they weren’t up and dancing enough for Harry’s liking so he called out his best friend’s mum.

H…you ok there babe?




No Control

LiLo waterfight during DMD – bringing back the close of the night waterfight!


This made us a bit emotional

*sigh* that was FUN. Doing it all over tonight! Stay tuned!


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