OTRA London Night 3

Woooo another fun night at The O2 in London done! We wanted to point out one of our favorite things about these “hometown” shows for the guys – they have SO many family and friends who show up and get to see them do their thing. We know that they have a group of friends that go on tour with them sometimes, but it’s nice to see a whole bunch of home support show up!

Ella, Harry’s cousin, went to the show with a bunch of girlfriends. Older cousin Harry chatted and took pics with all of them and it was honestly adorable.

Liam’s sisters Ruthie (blonde) and Nicola (brunette) were in attendance as well, obviously hanging with his girlfriend Sophia.

Brooklyn Beckham was in for the show…

…along with Rochelle Humes and her daughter and a few friends/cousins (we’re not sure). Niall is really close friends with the Humes family and dotes on their daughter as if she’s a niece.

The girls having a lovely time tonight #1D #o2 Thank you @niallhoran ❤️

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A bunch of Niall’s London Irish Crew (LIC) also came out in full force

Before the show, the boys met with a few fans and one little girl named Emily got the best Tommo hug EVER


*Sigh* We Love Louis In Red

And hi Swoopy Haired Liam



Niall is just so, so happy onstage and we love it

Not that crowd sing-a-longs don’t sound great in a stadium, but there’s something even better about it in an arena




Now, we’ve noticed that Liam changes quite a few times during a show, and apparently the guys decided enough was enough. Something about the brotherly love in there is making us grin like idiots


The guys thanked their light designer with flowers for his last night on the job. Thanks Lee for everything!



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Harry found a birthday girl with the same name as his cousin Ella and the guys sang Happy Birthday to her. And then, somehow in a noise competition, Harry invited everyone back to his for an after party. Again, ANYONE with a private jet, we need to speak ASAP.

Happy Birthday Ella!

Best Song Ever


A twist on Better Than Words


Harry gave another speech on how happy they are to be home in London

Have we mentioned that we LOVE the 1D snapchat?!


A fan threw a polaroid camera onstage and Liam got a hold of it and eventually got a selfie with Louis



Little White Lies

Midnight Memories

Nouis and “Nouis Cripples”….wait, what?

Stockholm Syndrome



A fan got Harry with silly string at one point, so he came back for revenge….we don’t think we’d be mad.


No Control

Liam traded in the silly hats for a Simon Cowell Mask


Drag Me Down

Sunday is an off day! Then the fourth, fifth, and sixth London shows on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

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