OTRA London Night 2

Night 2 at O2 in London DONE! And if we’re honest, we think it was a bit more relaxed than the other night, maybe because the guys settle in quickly and the o2, especially six nights of it, is kind of a humongous deal. SO on to the shenanigans of the night.

Paddy and Liam snuck in a selfie backstage before the show

We got a very quiffed up Louis in a baseball t-shirt that we kind of want to steal…


A dance-y Liam courtesy of 1D Snapchat (good job, 1D social media intern!)


Some serious looking Niam

Harry asked the crowd who was from London and a certain Mr. Geoff Payne shouted that he wasn’t and well, Harry just took it from there

Harry also called out his family for not singing and dancing along, a fan for munching on chips (fries) the whole time, and other ridiculous ramblings

A bit of SOML with Niam dancing like goons while Harry belts it out

They did this a few times….


And then Harry wanted in on the action

A candle landed on stage and Harry and Liam took that as a cue to find someone with a birthday

Are we ever going to get over how LiLo always have their arms around each other while talking? The answer you’re looking for is absolutely NOT

A little bit of MM



It’s a shaky video, but this fan is our spirit animal, now and forever



Part of Kiss You


A bit of Louis killing it, per usual, in Little Black Dress

And in No Control (yes, these are out of order)

Lirry Moments

Seems like Niall is getting in the habit of having a lie down whilst on stage….


Better than Words

Crotch Grab Central for Better Than Words (warning – screams at the end of Niall’s)


RIP me

A video posted by penny (@pennybramwell) on

Harry thinks he’s funny, while we just think he’s cheeky (ok we also think he’s funny)

Niall was seriously feeling WDBHG

Some Ready to Run and some gorgeous harmonies

Ninja Harry returns – this time grabbing a banana out of thin air (appropriate)



Niam being goofy, again, during Diana

We very much like how Stockholm Syndrome looks during this leg and we love Niall…..anyone got a private jet to London?

The caption on this picture is just too perfect

Little Things with major crowd participation *heart eyes*


Hi Harry….and Niall….what are you doing mate?

Oi the note changes in DMD from Apple Music Fest from Harry are sticking around – who else sings the note changes while they sing the songs at home?! (Oh raise your hands, you know you do!)

And scene – we love our guys and love that they’re so happy doing what they do, especially now for the hometown crowd.


Oooh the night was packed! The guys have London show #3 tonight and then an off day on Sunday. Then nights 4, 5, and 6 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!

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