OTRA London 5 Recap

O2 Show #5 DONE – dang that’s going fast! Only one more show in London and then it’s on to the rest of the country. Side note: the last show of OTRA is on Halloween so we’re expecting full costumes lads, please and thank you.

The guys started the day’s festivities with a Rays of Sunshine meet and greet.

Oh and a little announcement of #1DLondonSession…not a big deal or anything


The crew over at Radio 1 Breakfast show dared their producer Fiona to go to a 1D show in head to toe 1D gear…


I spy with my little eye a bit of Rolling Stones influence



Kiss YOU

Niall sounded amazing during Night Changes

Louis tweeted before the show that he had a sore throat but we think he sounded amazing per usual


Harry really got into it with Niall during No Control

Better Than Words

Yes, we’d like to request that one Louis William Tomlinson do an Adidas campaign during the hiatus.

Story of My Life


I can't even explain what I'm thinking lol

A video posted by Krysten Webb (@krysten1428) on


LiLo during Little Things is just too much to handle. We want it on the setlist forever just for them.

Chill inducing video of all of the lights during the high note at the end of You & I

Have we mentioned that we love Karen Payne? Because we do. This is so cute


As is his older sister Nicola


Harry found a man who looked like Rod Stewart and was very happy and very cheeky

The sexy was a theme with Harry last night ….


Killin’ it Louis! WDBHG

Damn but do we love our guitar (and bass) men


LiLo loved the crowd

Niam pull ALL the faces

Niall during Stockholm Syndrome (loooooove the red)


A little HaLo action during DMD

Niall rocked out to it


Little Black Dress

Liam. Liam James. LIAM JAMES PAYNE. (Through The Dark)


Oh and Niall snapped the crowd going nuts during TTD

In fact, we’re 99.9999% sure it was Niall’s idea to start the snapchat

Don’t Forget Where You Belong with a bit of a thank you from Niall

Act My Age

Little White Lies

We…we don’t know what’s going on….but we’re good with it? (Very good with it)


Liam is concerned about everyone’s bedtime and still hasn’t gotten the hang of the new setlist


Again, will there ever be a time when they perform WMYB and Harry DOESN’T hold his trousers up? (No)

The guys switched it up and finished with SMG

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