OTRA Boston – End of the NA Tour

And it’s finished. The North American leg of the On The Road Again Tour officially ended last night with a crazy awesome show in Boston at Gillette Stadium. It was the last show before Niall turned 22, the last show before their bassist Sandy is a married man, and the last show in America for a bit. Let’s get to it!


Niall and Mark kicked it off, per usual, with WWGTM and a play of ‘I’m Shipping Up To Boston‘ by the Dropkick Murphys (of course, because IRISH).

#wherewegoingtodaymark @jarv2475

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Niall acknowledged that it was his 22nd birthday TODAY with this little ditty by an indie artists named Taylor something…. (we’re totally kidding, calm down)

Liam and Harry had a bit of a banter about the Packers and the Patriots. Harry, we love your love for the Packers almost as much as we love you.

Harry went into dad mode with a lecture about seatbelts while Liam but on *another* banana inspired piece of clothing



Liam read out another “I’m 1DAF” sign and reacted in the cutest way ever

Louis told Liam he was a bit emotional because it was the last show of the NA leg. Awww Louis!

Trendom’s friend Kristen was up close and got this perfect video of the guys singing Happy Birthday to Niall. Note: Louis showing how much he loves Niall by giving him a nipple twist.


And then Niall got on the funky hat train with a birthday cake hat!


Harry asked the crowd if anyone was getting married and when a girl said YES and her boyfriend looked confused, this is what happened

After the show, Liam posted this lovely photo of “Neil”

Happy birthday Neil

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It was a night of celebration because SANDY is getting married on Tuesday!

Stockholm Syndrome in the rain


Which means some OH YEAH in the rain

Nawww Nouis Hug

Liam said that they’ve already filmed their new music video for their second single, which means that none of us are going to sleep at all ever.

Will LiLo ever not be cute as shit during Little Things? The definitive answer now and forever is NOPE. OH and hello angelic voiced Birthday Boy Niall


Harry Styles is a GOOBER

So is Liam Payne


DFWYB was breathtaking

Before You & I, Niall announced that he had gotten a guitar from some fans for his birthday, which is incredibly awesome.


The same fans pulled together the fan project !

Niall and Louis killed it during No Control


Payno slapped on a hat to keep the rain away…and because he loves hats


Harry checked in on a fan who looked down in the front row

Thank god that boot of Niall’s doesn’t impede this because we’d be broken.

If you don’t like being sprayed with silly string – don’t stand near Louis Tomlinson


But he gets it back as well

Act My Age


If anyone has video of this, we’d really appreciate it. And we’d love you a lot.


The boys ended the show onstage with a second group hug and….oh god we’re emotional.

Jay is the cutest and most proud mum ever and she has every reason to be!

Liam and Andy did some car lip synching and Liam told us he’d miss us. Now we want him to cover this song. Please?

The guys are off for about a week and a half before heading back the the UK where they’ll play the Apple Music Festival on September 22nd. The first show of the final and UK leg is September 24 in London.

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