OTRA Belfast Night 3*

Belfast is DONE! There’s only one more week, only 7 more days, until the One Direction On The Road Again Tour is finished (SOB). This has been a hell of a tour, from when it started back in February down under and all the way up til now. Let’s enjoy the rest of it while we can!

Bit of No Control with Nialler

Erm Harry, whatcha got there?


Little Black Dress and….James Franco?

Where Do Broken Hearts Go


Bras seem to be theme of the night. Ladies those are expensive!


Some banner reading! Oh we’ve missed this


Some Perfect for you

Some fans changed the words to WDBHG and Harry quirked a look


And Let Me Kiss YOU!


Niall confirmed that his signature jump that he loves so much is why he’s in a boot


Harry getting up close and personal AGAIN during Act My Age


Liam took the last night to thank fans at the rescheduled show for standing by him and the boys when they had to cancel the other night


Fam, we ask you guys to please stop throwing things on stage, whether it’s water or objects. It’s obvious the guys don’t like it. We all just want to enjoy and have fun!


That’s all for now everyone! The guys are in Newcastle next on Sunday!

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