NYC Spots For Every Ambivert

Living just about an hour away from New York City has been one of my favorite parts of growing up and becoming an adult. I love the fast-paced environment of the city, but I also love the quieter places I’ve been able to find when I’m out exploring. Having introverted and extroverted qualities, I consider myself to be an ambivert. These spots are perfect for the people that like being around others, but also like to be alone and have their quiet time.

One of my favorite places to eat is The Grey Dog, specifically the location in Chelsea. It’s a restaurant that has a chill cafe vibe, and it’s not weird to sit by yourself and get some work done while eating. I highly recommend their raspberry lemonade if you’re looking for a cold drink on a warm day.


Washington Square Park is definitely my favorite in the entire city. Central Park is the most known and visited, but it can be overwhelming to outsiders. It’s a gorgeous spot to just sit and relax, or even read a book after stopping by bookbook which is only a few blocks away. It’s a small, cozy bookstore that’s full of old favorites and new bestsellers.

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Although there is a Starbucks on every corner in the city, I enjoy the independent coffee shops much more. So if you’re in need of a cup of coffee, I’d definitely recommend Mud. It is also in walking distance from Washington Square Park, and it’s such a cute, comfy spot. They serve brunch everyday of the week and who doesn’t like brunch?


Strand Bookstore is another favorite of mine. It’s a gigantic bookstore filled floor to ceiling, and it’s perfect for any bookworm. You can easily spend a few hours going through it all, which is something I’ve definitely done. I love grabbing a few books, and then taking the subway one stop up to Madison Square Park to sit and read. It’s a bit busy, especially during the day, but there is a Shake Shack in the park which is a classic New York eatery. You also get a gorgeous view of the famous Flatiron Building, and you can’t resist snapping a picture for Instagram.


New York City is definitely a place where any type of person can thrive. There’s something for everyone, no matter what your interests are. Although the city is filled with over 8 million people, you can easily find ways to be alone. On the contrast, there is also so much to do and so many opportunities to be social. Hopefully one of these spots intrigues you if you’re planning on visiting soon!

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