November Book Month: The Pretties by Scott Westerfield

In high school, I was obsessed with the the Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfield. Like obsessed. I read the series through at least five times, maybe more. The trilogy captivated me because of the science fiction element and the concept behind the “Society”. I loved the intrigue and plot twists that Tally found herself involved with. Pretties Compare

The Pretties was my favorite book of the series because of the mysterious Zane and his relationship with Tally. I also loved the lingo and the futuristic vibe that the book presents. One of the themes that stood out to me was that in this book, Tally finally had what she thought she always wanted, but as she eventually figures out, she was destined for something else.

This book is full of futuristic suspense, a relationship that was unexpected, yet deep, and that one essential ingredient for any good book – adventure. It’s a fairly easy read and you’ll find yourself wrapped up in the lingo that Westerfield has so cleverly integrated into the story. The book is so intriguing in that the society that it takes place in is an imagined one for our planet’s future, making it relatable, if you like thinking about what a futuristic earth might look like. There are also many interesting romantic twists and turns, which is a big seller. If this series were ever to be made into a movie (or two), sign me up!

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