Niall Horan Is A Life Ruiner

Niall Horan is a life ruiner. He ruins people’s lives. And I mean this in the absolute best way possible. From his beautiful blonde locks, to his ever-improving vocals, he’s just perfect. My favorite member of One Direction switches from Liam to Harry on most days, but recently Niall has been giving me all of the feels. He is completely musically talented from singing to songwriting to playing the guitar, he is a HUGE fan of most sports, especially golf, and he’s nice to look at for hours at a time.


Recently, the One Direction boys played at the Apple Music Festival, and I was more than blown away by Niall’s vocals. All of the boys have incredible voices (obviously, otherwise they wouldn’t be in the most successful boyband) but Niall’s voice has tremendously begin to really take my breath away. He has gotten a lot stronger and has even seemed a bit more confident on stage. I’ve collected my favorite vines of what I feel to be some of his best on-stage vocals.

He even sounds incredible when his voice is raw and they’re in the song-making process.

Last year during the boys’ Where We Are Tour, Niall did a cover of Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston and I think just about every fangirl developed breathing problems.


I could easily write a 10-page paper on everything I absolutely adore about Niall but I don’t even think that would begin to cover just how amazing he is. I am currently parked in the Niall girl lane, and I don’t see myself coming out very soon.

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