NEW MUSIC: “Cake By the Ocean” – DNCE

Joe Jonas has a new band. JOE JONAS HAS A NEW BAND!!!! It’s called DNCE and they have a new song called “Cake By the Ocean” and it is a BOP!


The members of the band are Joe, Jack Lawless (former drummer for The Jonas Brothers, Jin Joo, and Cole Whittle. We’re not sure how they all came together or when they formed, but as we find out, we’ll definitely keep you updated.

I didn’t know what to expect really because Joe’s solo music was very dance-y, but the Jonas Brothers were always very pop/rock. I’d say this is a good mix of the two, if not a little more on the electronic side. The point is that it’s awesome and you should listen to it immediately. Head over to NY’s Z100 and listen online (or if you’re local, turn on the radio!) to hear it played numerous times this evening and probably all week! Or just click the video below. Both are acceptable methods.

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