Music to My Ears: September Edition

While the era of 90’s boybands is slightly before my time, it’s hard not to have heard of the iconic groups or have heard of at least one of their songs. This month’s article is all about celebrating the maybe not so celebrated songs and artists of the 1990s.

C-Note- “Spanish Fly”

This four piece from Orlando, Florida was originally formed for the purpose of performing in a talent show. They caught the attention of the labels that backed the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync, who offered them a record deal. After touring America in 1999, they released their hit single ‘Wait Till I Get Home’ in 1999, just before their debut album Different Kind of Love came out .  They released a single every few years of the 00’s, but not another album until 2007.

This song shows their blend of Latin influences and early rap.


Another Level- ‘I Can See You in My Mind’

Even though this English boyband was only around for three years, they managed to rack up 7 Top 40 Hits. Their cover of Silk’s 1993 ‘Freak Me’ made it to the number one spot in 1998. Their debut self-titled album became certified platinum, and Nexus, which came out in ’99, led to numerous Brit Award nominations and earned them the opening slot on Janet Jackson’s European Tour. They split up in 2000, and were rumored to be reuniting in 2013 for the ITV2 documentary Big Reunionbut two of the former members did not want to be involved or didn’t have time.

This song is real smooth and makes me think of classic 90s boyband sound.


LFO- ‘Forever’ 

This Massachusetts-based band released a cover of NKOTB’s “Step by Step” as a single in 1997, and the next year, they worked with Dow Brain, Brad Young, and Danny Wood on their first hit single “Summer Girls”, which peaked at #3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts. LFO, their debut album, nabbed 2 Top 10 Hits and sold 2.5 million copies worldwide. In 2000, they opened for Britney Spears, won a KCA for favorite group of the year, and performed over 230 concerts worldwide, in addition to having dolls made in their honor. They split up in 2002, and one of the original members, Rich Cronin, died in 2010 after battling leukemia.

This song has some meaningful lyrics and a catchy beat.


911-‘Our Last Goodbye’

This British boyband has been around as long as the Backstreet Boys. They made their own record label after not finding success anywhere else, and were eventually signed to a  £3.5 million, 4 year contract with Virgin Records. They had their first top 10 hit in 1996 with ‘Don’t Make Me Wait.’ They broke up in 2000, and have reunited occasionally for performances.

This song is off their debut album The Journey and features some melancholy lyrics.


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