Movie Review: Deadpool


Right from the opening credits that mock every trope in the era of Marvel, it’s clear that Deadpool is not your typical superhero movie. If you’re already a fan of Deadpool, whether through the comics or through the promo over the past few months, then you know that Ryan Reynolds has stepped into the shoes of a snarky, sexual superhuman. There is not one moment in this movie that tries to contradict that notion.

Let’s start with the R rating – it’s very well earned – that applies not just to the movie itself, but to the very character of Deadpool. Even before he undergoes his dramatic, life changing transformation, Wade Wilson is kind of a jerk. He’s a former mercenary/current man for hire, with a twisted sense of humor. He gets paid to scare the crap out of people in the name of revenge and hangs out in a bar full of unsavory characters who literally have a running bet on who will die next. He’s also devastatingly gorgeous and painfully charming, so not only is every word and action decidedly not for kids, but he easily gets away with it.

Unless, of course, you’re his girlfriend Vanessa and you can not only take all his bullshit but throw it back with equally sharp wit. If you were expecting a damsel in distress, look elsewhere, because she’s exactly the opposite. A total badass bartender in a strip club, Vanessa’s mind is as dirty as the customers. She and Wade fall totally in love and their sexually-charged snow globe dream world only shatters with news of his terminal cancer diagnosis. When he refuses to let her watch him die, she’s sad but she’s also angry – angry that he quits, that he leaves, that he won’t let her help.

Wade becomes a mutant as a way to cure his cancer. He doesn’t have any solid medical options, and this is a last-ditch effort to stay alive. Unfortunately, the “treatment” he undergoes destroys his good looks, and that is what really turns Wade into Deadpool. He’s not a hero, he’s not trying to save the world, he just wants revenge. Deadpool wants to track down the guy who made him ugly and force him to fix it, so he can get back to his girl.

So I’d stop short of calling it a superhero movie. There’s a few X-men cameos, and he does have a pretty cool suit, but Deadpool is not motivated by the desire to do good. He also breaks the fourth wall periodically to tell you just how ridiculous he thinks his life really is. And it IS ridiculous. It’s also highly entertaining in every sense of the word. Go see Deadpool. But don’t bring your little brother, it’s probably not appropriate.

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