Michael Clifford: Rockstar… or Kitten?

We all know Michael Clifford can pop out some amazing tunes on that black guitar of his. We’re all secretly jealous as well… But after this blue hair change, has Michael turned into a cute, snuggly feline?

We all know the 5SOS boys have been touring on their own and with the 1D boys, and it’s all been very pleasing to the eye. Our attention was caught when a video was taken backstage by the ever-amusing Ashton Irwin.

Now, as we can see, Michael just looks so snuggly and cute that we just want to cuddle him until we die. It seems that most 5SOS fans are in agreement: we have a rockstar AND a kitten on our hands.

We go from this:

michael rock4Michael rockmichael rock5michael rock3michael rock6


To this:

michael kittenmichael kitten3

michael kitten2

michael kitten4michael kitten5

(Michael with an actual kitten, eeek!)

michael kitten6michael kitten7

How does one person go from sexy rockstar to cuddly kitten in a matter of mere seconds?! We’ll never know the answer.

Is that enough of our precious kitten for you? We can never get enough of this lovable Aussie. We expect to see more wonderful onstage and fan pictures soon enough of all the 5SOS boys, but we hope your day was brightened by this fluffy kitten. We leave you with this:

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