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In 2013, my best friend told me that I had to watch Teen Wolf, which was then in its second season. At first I was a bit skeptical since it was on MTV and I hadn’t liked their shows in the past, but after the first few episodes, I was hooked. Thus began my obsession with the show, but more importantly, with my #MCM, Tyler Posey.

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Tyler Posey was born October 18, 1991 in Santa Monica, California to Cyndi Garcia Posey and actor John Posey (you might know him from the TV show How to Get Away With Murder as Judge Bill Millstone). He’s got two brothers, Derek and Jesse.

Tyler’s acting career started in 2002, the same year he made a (somewhat) starring debut as Ty Ventura in Maid In Manhattan alongside Jennifer Lopez. Since then, he’s gone on to act in more than 20 roles, most notably his role as Scott McCall on MTV’s Teen Wolf. For Teen Wolf he’s been nominated for 8 awards, 4 of which he’s won.

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Aside from being an actor, Tyler can also count musician and producer as occupations. He’s the frontman and guitar player for the band Disappearing Jamie, formerly known as Lost in Kostko, started in 2012. He is also a co-producer of the 5th season of Teen Wolf.

Tyler has a great sense of humor and seems like a¬†grounded guy with a big heart. He’s always good for making both fans and his costars laugh, and he’s all about helping out those in need.

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He’s partnered with Serengetee, a company whose mission is to support artisans in more than 25 countries, to create a pocket t-shirt dubbed “Poseys Paradise.” Not only does it help support Serengetee’s mission, but proceeds from the t-shirt also help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a cause close to Posey’s heart, as his mom passed away from breast cancer in 2014.

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Tyler is just a big puppy dog who has got a big personality and a big heart, and that’s why he’s my #MCM this week! You can catch Tyler in the latest season of Teen Wolf, which airs on Tuesday nights on MTV.

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