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The man I have chosen to be this week’s #MCM is an actor that you may not have heard of, especially if you’re not up on super hero or supernatural (not that one) shows on the CW or a fan of the upcoming TMNT movie. He’s an incredible actor, one who makes you feel what he’s feeling in even the slightest nuances in his facial expressions. He’s charitable, likable, does his own stunts (as much as the show’s insurance will allow) – oh, and he’s sexy as all hell.  This week’s #MCM is the handsome and incredibly talented Stephen Amell.


Stephen has been on the acting scene for over a decade now, but his career really took off when he landed the role of Oliver Queen, a.k.a. the Green Arrow (in the DC Universe) in January 2012. Originally from Toronto (all the sexy men are from Canada, I SWEAR), he moved down to LA to pursue his acting dream after realizing that working an office job was just not for him. I’m so happy he realized that. After all, office jobs are definitely not for everyone. He had guest roles on The Vampire Diaries as Brady, on Hung a rival prostitute to the main character (side note: never watched this show, but I feel like I might need to now), and as a paramedic on the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, Private Practice.


I found Amell through Arrow, the show he’s currently the star of and the show that is making him a well known name. As you might know, I’m a sucker for superhero shows and movies. When a friend suggested I check this show out, I found it on Netflix. My roommate and I binge-watched it like a normal people do nowadays, watching 3-4 episodes a night for a few weeks until we caught up to the current season and had to actually wait for each new episode. I absolutely LOVED it. The show isn’t quite dead-on loyal to the comics (so I’m told) but I have a good guy friend who knows all there is to know about the DC comics and he’s obsessed with the show, so I feel that it’s good to go. Arrow follows Oliver Queen, Amell’s character, on his journey from playboy socialite screw up to undercover city-saving vigilante and all the disasters and danger in between. It’s now on its fourth season and I’m way too invested. There’s no going back.


The Arrow cast at ComicCon

Stephen himself has taken the success of the show and turned it into a personal platform to become one of the most social media accessible celebs around today. He runs his own Facebook account, a fact that he’s made very clear in the countless videos he posts. He regularly hosts livestreams on the new Facebook Live, a feature he actually debuted for Facebook, and has themed days to interact with his fans. My favorite is Meme Monday, where he’ll ask for fan-created memes and post the best. His fellow cast members have taken his lead and are pretty active on social media as well, so the memes that get posted are a wonderful combination of show-based facts and real life hilarity.


His mother is a cancer survivor and on a visit back home in 2012, he posted a pic of him and his mom, recently done with chemo, giving the finger to cancer and titling it “Fuck Cancer” – this led to the Canadian charity by that same name, Fuck Cancer, to reach out. A beautiful partnership was born. Because of his social media presence and the popularity of the charity, news traveled fast.


Stephen partnered with a site called Represent to design a t-shirt to sell and raise money for the charity. He’s done a few rounds so far and I myself am the proud owner of two of them. My favorite design is of his face, with a post-it note stuck to his forehead. He does this routinely in pictures he posts from set. Here he is, wearing his own face, in full Arrow gear. Yes, I squealed a bit when I first saw this pop up.


The infamous post-it pose.


He posts about the charity and his tshirts to sell just as much as he posts about the show. It’s not just that he’s promoting the charity – he takes personal interest in some of the people that the charity supports. It’s a very regular thing to see him posting about a child battling cancer and their family and posting regular updates on their well-being. It shows that he truly cares. NOTHING is sexier than a man who uses his powers for good.

team amell f cancer collage

On top of all of this, he’s a family guy. He and his wife are extremely lovely and their daughter is the cutest thing ever. He regularly posts about her and she’s shown up on set a few times to hang out. His wife is a former model who got her start on ANTM and she poked fun at her superhero hubby in this glorious Instagram of a typical over-the-top ANTM shoot.


He’s such a dad, and by that I mean he’s going to be that dad that purposely embarrasses his kids and will smile through the whole thing. I mean, just look at these. Another thing that’s sexy? A dad who loves the hell out of his kids.

amell daughter 1

He also has a winery project with a friend of his called Nocking Points, named so for his association with Arrow. The wine is pretty good and he folds his charity work into parties for the winery. It’s a win-win-win situation! Good wine, good cause, and fans get to meet and mingle with him. He seriously seems like the type of guy with whom you could easily strike up a conversation. I’d love to go to a Nocking Point event some day and I have a feeling I would not be disappointed. He and his winery partner, Andrew Harding, even started a video series called “Dudes Being Dudes in Wine Country,” which chronicles their quest for the best grapes and wine advice for their business.

nocking points dudes

Oh, and if you haven’t noticed yet, he’s insanely fit and attractive. And he does his own stunts, as in he does his own parkour. Yeah.




So all in all, Stephen Amell is a pretty fantastic guy. I love his work on and off screen and am always proud to support someone who seems like a genuinely good person. So raise your glasses of wine and give a toast to Trendom’s #MCM Stephen Amell!


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