#MCM: Robert Downey Jr.

These days, Robert Downey Jr. is synonymous with Tony Stark, a.k.a. IronMan in the Marvel Comic Universe and on screen. The Marvel man himself, Stan Lee, even said that RDJ was born to play Tony Stark/IronMan.  RDJ is currently the highest paid actor in Hollywood and has embraced Marvel in a way that none would have expected, especially if you’ve watched his career from the start. He’s come a long way.  I’ve chosen RDJ as my MCM because of everything he’s overcome, the way he embodies the character of Tony Stark, his obvious attractiveness, and the way he is with his costars. If you’ve read my other MCMs, you’ve noticed that I’m a sucker for a guy who gets along with his friends like they’re his family.


RDJ, as he’s affectionately known by fans and friends alike, began his career when he was only five years old, appearing in a film of his father’s, Robert Downey, Sr. He moved into stardom in his own right in the 1980’s as part of Hollywood’s Brat Pack, the group of young, talented, and extremely good looking actors who starred in nearly every smash 80’s movie hit. He earned his first Academy Award nomination for his role in 1992’s Chaplin, starring as the title role, Charlie Chaplin.


Unfortunately, he was sucked into the dark side of fame at a young age and fought substance and alcohol abuse for nearly two decades before finally achieving sobriety in the early 2000’s. This proved to be his comeback decade. He earned another Academy Award nomination for his role in the satirical movie Tropic Thunder, and received the role of Tony Stark in the first IronMan movie, which was released in 2008. He also took on the role of the legendary Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes in 2009 and its sequel in 2011, alongside Jude Law’s John Watson.


For the last three consecutive years now, RDJ has topped the list of Hollywood’s highest paid actor’s, mostly due to the crazy success of the Marvel Comic Universe films. All of this success, and he still seems to stay himself. He’s definitely sober, refusing to touch anything that could turn into a vice, but honestly, with a personality like his, he doesn’t need it.


There really isn’t much of a difference between RDJ and Tony Stark. Both are insanely rich, incredibly smart, have a quick wit, and are sarcastic and snarky as hell. Take a look at RDJ’s Facebook feed if you fancy, and note that he loves embracing the fans and any inside jokes they may have. He’s also quite fond of posting #TBT photos of himself, despite questionable fashion choices from the back in the day.


That’s RDJ in the purple shirt and white denim jacket, right in the middle.


And this, um, outfit?

Moving on from the past. After all, it does not do well to dwell on it.


Like I mentioned before, Stan Lee said RDJ was BORN to play Stark.

I think I actually saw Sherlock Holmes before I saw the first IronMan and was struck at the ease and charisma of his onscreen and off-screen friendship with Jude Law. This is a great compilation of their interviews from the promo of the films. (Skip ahead to the 17:00 mark for RDJ and JL’s entrance)

His friendship with Mark Ruffalo is one of my favorite out of the Avengers casts, both on screen and off.

He’s an actor that I thoroughly enjoy watching and learning more about. If Marvel isn’t your speed, check out RDJ in The Judge, a film where he stars as a lawyer dealing with the death of his mother, a divorce, and an estranged father. RDJ’s performance is like lightning and I loved seeing him in a different role. Robert Duvall, playing his father, is as good as ever. The_Judge_2014_film_poster

And now for our favorite part of MCM – the eye candy. Because, well, RDJ is a damn attractive man.





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